5 Tips to Pack Intelligently

Getting excited over vacation is easy but for the majority of fashionistas, packing brings bouts of anxiety. What to wear, how to wear it and the worst how to pack it into just one suitcase are all questions that we fret over! At Style Lend we want to let you know that you’re not alone. We formed a #StyleLendTravel support group to discover new tricks when it comes to packing. We know it won’t take the edge off completely but we’re hoping this guide will help melt the pre-travel stress away.

1. Pack three tops for every bottom!

Follow this simple formula and get more outfits out of your suitcase. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts and you’ll able to wear them multiple times. Always pack a staple bottom like denim shorts so it’s easy for matching.

2. Skip the towel!

We get it, the Chanel beach towel you own is a piece of art and while we’re all for showing it off, it isn’t practical. The reality is that a towel takes up a ton of room and most resorts are happy to provide towels. Leave it at home. Same with hair dryers, shampoo + conditioner, and body wash. If you can’t live without the latter, buy some travel size containers and pack it in.
Choose colors that coordinate. I know, I know it’s hard to limit yourself to just one color scheme but if you’re tight on space, picking pieces that coordinate with each other is a safe bet and makes selecting outfits so much easier.

FullSizeRender (1)

4. Pick your shoes wisely.

If you’re tight on space, choose shoes in neutral colors. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels, they go with everything and they actually make you look taller. Wear the shoes that take up the most room on the plane and off the plane to save space in the bag.

5. No need to bring a curling iron too!

You can easily create curls with a straightener. Youtube videos such as this one will show you all the tricks of the trade. You can also save space by minimizing the amount of makeup you bring. Lipstick can double as crème blush, and brown eye shadow easily works as eyeliner. A great bb crème eliminates the need for primer and foundation. You can easily contour and highlight with white eye shadow and bronzer.



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