Meet our Newest StyleLender, Mary Dyann!

When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

 Very recently! As a stylist, I often rent designer clothing from showrooms that cost anywhere from $150-$400 per day but the price points on Style Lend makes renting more appealing, so I will definitely start renting on Style Lend. I have some great item’s available for rent now up on the app!

Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

I love clothes so I view shopping as an experience. I need to be there in person to feel the fabric, see the cut of the garment, try it on and feel the fabric against my skin. Online shopping takes the enjoyment out of the experience so I always shop in stores. Plus I’m an instant gratification kind of girl. I WANT IT NOW!!! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail. 


Favorite brands/designers and why?

Dior, Chanel, Lavin, Balmain, Missoni, Hermes, Giles and Mary Katrantzou. Dior and Chanel for it’s like appeal, Lanvin for its sophisticated style, Balmain, Mary Katrantzou, and Missoni for prints, color and design (go Balmain Army!), Hermes (I own three Birkins) Giles because of his artistic couture.


What is your favorite thing to do in NY?

Walking. It sounds crazy, but you really get to discover places and things you never would have paid attention to. Especially if you’re riding  the subway or in a taxi on your phone. Walking around the city makes me appreciate the city’s beauty, the people, the architecture, sounds (yes even the loud honking and fire trucks!). Sometimes I’ll walk from Soho to Midtown and discover new stores (more shopping!) or watch as a film is being produced (I was even asked to be an extra one day just because I happen to be walking at the right place at the right time) so walking anywhere in NY is my favorite activity.

Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

I was raised in a family of very strong and talented women, born and bred in Spanish Harlem and the Upper East Side. My mother, grandmother and aunt were all fashionistas who passed the touch down to me. My aunt used to sew clothes for me and my family by hand, because she was unimpressed with the quality of garments sold in stores. My grandmother mended a lot of my clothing when they needed repair, and my mother had me sewing when I was 4 years old. I cut my first Vogue pattern at 4 yrs old (what sane mother allows her child to cut patterns let alone with sharp fabric sheers at 4 years old!?) I would help my mother cut, sew and design garments she’d custom make for clients, family and friends. I also designed and sewed my own senior ball dress in High School because I didn’t want to look like anyone else.

In my teens, when I started print modeling, I’d always mouth off to the stylist suggesting to style items differently than what they had decided. My agent then called me into her office and said “You need to let the stylist do their job and keep your mouth shut.” So I said to my self, “if I feel like I know more about styling than the stylist on set, then why don’t I become one?”
After I had that revelation, I started styling test shoots for model friends of mine in NYC and have been the fashion industry in NY for about 15 years and styling professionally for about eight years.

What is your fav styling assignment you’ve had?

 Styling LA Reid for the cover of Social Life Magazine. He is so amazing and very humble.

What so you love most about being a stylist?

Creating and styling images that will inspire the next generation of stylists and push their creativity to the limits. I also love traveling to exotic locations for work. Who wouldn’t love to get paid to make people look beautiful in a beautiful location?

How would you describe your style?

“Changing.” I don’t follow trends at all because I love to embrace my individual style, not one manufactured by someone else. My motto is “Be the trend you would want to follow!” If there’s a trend that you embrace, make it your own. Don’t blindly follow trends because someone else says so.

One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

Another Birkin…

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

Renting is the perfect way to get the look I want with no commitments!
We want to give a huge thanks to Mary Dyann for inviting us over and letting us into her stylish lifestyle! Check out all her amazing pieces available for rent on our app!

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