Play with Pastels

It’s almost inevitable: when you think about spring, you think pastels.  This spring is no exception because once again, dainty pastel colors are a major trend.  But even after all this time, they still feel fresh, and always have the power to make you feel pretty and feminine.

Keep reading to get some pastel inspiration to lighten up your style.


We just HAVE to mention pastel hair.  It seems to be all the rage nowadays, and while it’s definitely one of the more complicated ways to add pastels into your style, it’s just so fun!  It takes the feminine pastel and turns it into something edgy and non-conservative.

pastel hair


Incorporating pastel into your wardrobe is definitely a faster, easier way to try this trend. Try vamping it up with some prints or keep it cool and chic by mixing different colors together.  Here are some of our favorite pieces!




Floral Pastels

Feminine Accessories

Then of course theres the easiest way of all: add some pastel accessories!  You can go ultra-feminine and mix and match these with other pastels, or pair it with a darker ensemble to lighten the look.

We love pastels for spring and we know you will too.  Check out our website and app to rent all of these items and much more!


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