Self Portrait

We’re continuing our brand appreciation here at Style Lend and we couldn’t not mention one of our favorites: Self Portrait.

If you like flashing some skin in unexpected ways, this is definitely the brand for you! Tasteful yet sexy and (a little) scandalous, we love the cutwork details this brand is known for.

These are some of our favorite Self Portrait pieces and the best part is you can rent all of them for under $70 versus buying for over $400. (Because we love saving you money!)

sp 1

Black Aurelia Dress, $50/week

sp 2

Black Lace Off-the-Shoulder Top, $45/week

sp 3

Looped Midi Dress, $45/week

sp 4

Cutwork Lace Pencil Skirt, $25/week

sp 5

A Line Up Lace Dress, $50/week

sp 6

Striped Honeycomb-Mesh Midi Dress, $55/week

sp 7

Cutwork Lace Jumpsuit, $50/week

sp 8

Short Sleeve Guipure-Lace Midi Dress, $50/week

sp 9

Scallop High Neck Midi Dress, $65/week

sp 10

Leila Guipure Lace and Crepe Midi Dress, $55/week

sp 11

Azaelea Guipure-Lace Illusion Dress, $53/week.

sp 12

Serena Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Dress, $55/week.

sp 13

The Paneled Dress, $57/week

sp 14

The Olivia guipure lace-paneled crepe dress, $55/week.

Check out our website and app to see and rent all of our Self Portrait pieces.


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