Your NYC Guide to Being Outside!

As we all know, the heat in NYC during the summer can be quite unbearable.  We usually run to the nearest place with A/C, but if we do opt to spend time outside, we make sure it’s only at the best places.

Parks/By Water

Central Park: Sheeps Meadows


If you are looking to spend the day outside in a large group, this is your spot! It’s perfect for a true park party and a great spot to people watch.

Grand Banks


Ever want to go boating without the sea sickness? Well head over to Grand Banks, a stationed boat that is the perfect spot to enjoy rose & oysters! The lines can get quite long, so we advise booking a reservation in advance.


Mr. Purple


Great decor, awesome drinks, and good vibes is what the perfect rooftop needs. We love this location for day drinks, as well as the night scene (although it can get a bit crowded).

The Standard Rooftop


A New York classic, as this spot has one of the best views in the city. Not to mention, great drinks and a crepe stand.




From the same people who run Rosemary’s, this is the perfect weekend location. The decor and outside seating will make you feel like you are in Paris enjoying a nice glass of wine.



Brought to you by the owners of Carbone and Sadelle’s, this Meatpacking spot offers one of the best food/outdoor seating combo packs in the city. The trendy people in the area make for some good people watching and the coastal Italian food is quite memorable!


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