Top Halloween Costumes Kendall would be caught in!

Halloween should, in theory, be fun. One gets a chance to slip out of their day to day existence – all the time spent in fantasy can see itself physically manifested. And yet, each time the date comes around you likely find yourself in a mad dash around the city; facing long lines at Ricky’s for a wig to go with the costume you wore last year but are trying desperately to make “different” somehow. (Sidenote: do you think anyone will notice the striking similarity between all your takes on Wes Anderson Movies?)

We get it – you’re busy. When a typical day looks like morning yoga, work, happy hour with your mentor and tending to your passion project by night, you can’t afford to lose precious hours waiting in long lines with angsty New Yorkers or to peruse the generic options on Amazon. And in a city laden with conveniences, why would a costume be an exception?

Fear not. If you can order cuisine from anywhere in the world at 3 AM via Seamless, we at Style Lend believe your fashion needs deserve the same expediency and convenience. Hence why we’ve curating a major selection of glam costumes you can order at 10am and have delivered to your door by 6pm that same day.  And it’ll be one that will wow whether you glide to some downtown nightclub, all night warehouse rave in Bushwick or uptown gala. Bonus points for a costume you don’t have to dry clean or store – we take care of that!

Whatever your personality, below is inspiration so you can feel celeb-worthy. Remember that custom looking amazing Romy & Michelle Costume Jessica Alba donned last year? You too can be creative, sexy and glam with your costume – without the hefty price tag or time spent searching in despair. See below for Style Lend’s round up of costumes Kendall Jenner would TOTALLY be seen in:

Re-live Burning Man.

When it comes to costume inspiration, the burn is really the best. Whether you were there or not, Halloween weekend is the perfect time to channel those far out vibes.

1. We’re not sure what will stun more than a psychedelic purple unitard complete with a hood and full length cape. Levitate on the dance floor as an Intergalactic space traveler, best paired with very Burneresque heart goggles. Bonus points for feeling very The Fifth Element in this one.

Intergalactic Space Traveller

2. Channel a very sexy, vibey goddess as an Ice Queen. The look is completed with a headpiece and regal shoulder pads. Silver details and booty shorts make for a spacey, sexy look. 

Ice Queen

3. So you want to channel your inner space traveler but also pay homage to your feminine side? Enter the Out of This World costume. An alien headpiece completes a look that’s equal parts Jetsons and dance floor ready. PS: the skirt totally doubles as a flying saucer.

Out of this World

Go Luxe. 

Swanky Halloween plans call for super glam, one-of-a-kind pieces.

4. There’s a reason peacocks turn heads. Reinterpret the strutting bird with a custom Peacock top, the perfect choice for a gala or masquerade. This one pairs well with a ball gown or swingy trousers, as well as a feathered mask.

Peacocks Masquerade

5. Go ask Alice in this Custom Queen of Hearts stunner. Tulle and a corset are a ball-worthy combination, and you’ll feel like a total queen topping it all off in this flower-arrow headpiece.

Queen of Hearts

Vintage enthusiast.

Halloween is the perfect time to channel our nostalgia for bygone eras. Feel classy and siren-like in one of the below dresses.

6. Black and white sequins make this dress the perfect option to channel your inner Daisy Fay Buchanan (uh em, “The Great Gatsby”). Pair it with a short flapper wig, long pearls and swanky cigarette holder to round out a super glam look.


7. Go full on vintage glam in a Flashback to the 40s dress. We love that this one can be dressed up with the right accessories to channel the 80s, if you wish (shoulder pads!) An open back makes for a look that’s tres sexy.


The classics – basic free.

Some classic costume ideas never die, and it’s really up to you to reinterpret them creatively. Forget feeling basic, reinvent the mold!

8. Sequins on a pencil style skirt make this Mystical Mermaid dress an enviable homage to our sisters from the sea. Whether you pair with a red wig for a full on Little Mermaid look or interpret your own way (who says mermaids can’t have purple hair, for example), she’s an oceanic stunner.


9. Who says mermaids don’t live on the poles? The Arctic Mermaid look is a creative spin on the classic. We love how this one doubles as something you might wear on the Playa (see above for Burning Man inspired outfits). The details on this one are to die for, and you’ll look like you just washed up on some sexy, crystalline sea.


10. Perhaps you’re committed to your feline look but want to take it to the next level. Throw these chrome kitty ears on your head and voila, a basic kitten no more.


Channel your inner songstress.

11. Is there a more classic pop video than Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”? With Britney’s new album out this year, it’s never felt like a better time to pay homage to pop’s greatest princess. A red full-body suit is the perfect jumping off point for your look – early aughts choreography not included.


12. David Bowie gifted us with an incredible album this year right before his passing. Pay your respects to the Thin White Duke in this out of this world dress. Bowie never shied away from incredible accessories, and you can complete the look with these blue and hot pink cloud pumps.


13. Remember Taylor Swift’s adorable Unicorn outfit from last year? Make that look your own with a pink unicorn head. The party will know you’re trouble when you walk in before you proceed to shake it off on the dance floor._27a2884

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