A Sustainable NYE Look

The holidays are all about over-indulging in everything – including shopping for new clothes! And with social media taking over our lives, I can see the need for shopping and adding to your closet for multiple looks that are always on trend. However, it’s doing more harm than good!


In the United States, the National Retail Federation forecasts that we will spend up to $655 billion total this holiday season. Shoes and clothing account for 41.5% of that spend. Additionally, the average American throws away 65 pounds of textile waste per year, so between new clothes being bought and the amount of clothes we end up tossing, can you imagine how terrible that can be for our landfills?


I understand that consumers want new and different outfits and to stay on trend, but we must also be conscience of how bad this can be for the environment. There are companies out there that help eliminate waste and encourage renting or trading instead of buying and tossing – especially if you are only going to wear the item once. Companies like Tradesy, Armarium and Le Tote are all great examples. They give you the option of new looks but try their best not to add ANY textile waste to our landfills.

StyleLend, is the ultimate win-win service for the stylish, the sustainable & the bargainer. Not to mention for the month of December we will be donating 50% of their rentals to Fashion Revolution! Here is why you will love it:

  1. You get to wear designer clothes and new brands at a fraction of the retail cost, like a velvet dress for only $60
  2. It’s peer-to-peer, so you are extending the life of a garment.
  3. By renting you aren’t clogging your closet with items you might only wear once or twice
  4. You wear it and return it, they take care of the dry-cleaning
  5. Nationwide shipping, get it in two days or same day delivery in NYC

This year alone Style Lend has helped save 5,000 pounds of waste – all because people, like you and I, rented dresses like this Lace Mini dress by Self-Portrait or this Silk Curve dress by Zimmermann instead of buying them.


Now start renting your NYE looks!



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