That Kinda Love

Ok ladies, Valentine’s day is almost here! For some, it’s a dreaded holiday, where you are bombarded with stands of roses and no one to buy them for you. For others, it’s a holiday filled with nice dinners, flowers and chocolate.


We think this year, it should be about celebrating all kinds of love! Whether it’s self-love, family love, friend love, or with your loved one. Something simple such as treating yourself to a nice bottle of bubbly and a bath. Or perhaps a girls night out to celebrate all your amazing friendships. If you are lucky to live by your family, then perhaps spend the day with them. For those of you in love, for once do something romantic for him instead of waiting for him to do the gesture.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, here are our favorite little red numbers:

BCBG $25
Giorgio Armani $150
Lovers + Friends
Lovers +Friends $30
Milly $55

Don’t see one you like? Don’t worry we have plenty more. Start browsing now!

Women’s March

We had the honor of attending the Women’s March in Washington D.C. Its hard to explain the powerful feeling of being surrounded by amazing women, so we thought we would share some of our favorite pictures:

Golden Globe Inspiration

If you missed the Golden Globes last night, here is a recap: Fallon was hilarious, Meryl Streep made an amazing speech, La La Land Won A LOT, Emma Stone looks wonderful, Natalie Portman lost & thats pretty much the important stuff 😉

Now onto the fashion, as usual there were some highs and low! Here are some looks you can rent that are inspired but some of our favorite looks.


Erin Featherstone
Jay Godfrey
Hale Bob


Calvin Klein
Cushnie et Ochs

Who said you had to be a celebrity to wear stunning designer goods?!!? Now get started here!


Don’t Be Clueless, this isn’t 1995

2016 kicked our butts, which makes 2017 the year to stand up for something & make a difference. Here at StyleLend we are ready to save the world through renting!


Allure, Elle, Vogue give you the next top trends for the year. Yet most of those looks are way too expensive for the average women. Instead of running to Zara, H&M or Forever21 think RENT. You can get those actual designer items in a sustainable way without the clutter of having to keep those fast fashion trends that go out of style in weeks.

Here are some of our favorite trends:

Yellow is the New Black

Collette Midi Dress
Tulle & Macrame Dress


Stripes Stripes Stripes

Noemi Dress
Multi-colored Striped Maxi

Give them the Cold Shoulder

Fausto Puglisi


Robes for Everyday

Pantera Dress
Midi Dress

Now every women can get the trends no matter how fast they switch! Haven’t tried us? Start here!


A Sustainable NYE Look

The holidays are all about over-indulging in everything – including shopping for new clothes! And with social media taking over our lives, I can see the need for shopping and adding to your closet for multiple looks that are always on trend. However, it’s doing more harm than good!


In the United States, the National Retail Federation forecasts that we will spend up to $655 billion total this holiday season. Shoes and clothing account for 41.5% of that spend. Additionally, the average American throws away 65 pounds of textile waste per year, so between new clothes being bought and the amount of clothes we end up tossing, can you imagine how terrible that can be for our landfills?


I understand that consumers want new and different outfits and to stay on trend, but we must also be conscience of how bad this can be for the environment. There are companies out there that help eliminate waste and encourage renting or trading instead of buying and tossing – especially if you are only going to wear the item once. Companies like Tradesy, Armarium and Le Tote are all great examples. They give you the option of new looks but try their best not to add ANY textile waste to our landfills.

StyleLend, is the ultimate win-win service for the stylish, the sustainable & the bargainer. Not to mention for the month of December we will be donating 50% of their rentals to Fashion Revolution! Here is why you will love it:

  1. You get to wear designer clothes and new brands at a fraction of the retail cost, like a velvet dress for only $60
  2. It’s peer-to-peer, so you are extending the life of a garment.
  3. By renting you aren’t clogging your closet with items you might only wear once or twice
  4. You wear it and return it, they take care of the dry-cleaning
  5. Nationwide shipping, get it in two days or same day delivery in NYC

This year alone Style Lend has helped save 5,000 pounds of waste – all because people, like you and I, rented dresses like this Lace Mini dress by Self-Portrait or this Silk Curve dress by Zimmermann instead of buying them.


Now start renting your NYE looks!


Beyond the Little Black Dress: Our Guide to Holiday Dressing

Just as Halloween has a way of sneaking up on us, so too does the Holiday season. Fall means catching up on work after summer vacations or perhaps finding yourself back at school, and the freedom to shop in leisurely fashion becomes elusive.

With the arrival of the Holidays is the inevitable deluge of events and cocktail party invites.

There’s the company party, your partner’s company party, a trip to see the Nutcracker, your annual family cocktail party and of course, the much anticipated (or dreaded..) New Year’s Eve. As invites pile up, so does your anxiety over what to wear. You want to express yourself, and fashion is, after all, a form of art. One of those holiday parties happens to have a guest list of folks at that company you’d like to work for. You consider repurposing an old favorite: a dress you wore to college formals and spilled prosecco on a few times, but still looks somewhat cute, right? You realize your sense of style has evolved considerably and that dress doesn’t make you feel like the grown-ass goddess you are. Besides, the holiday season calls for glitz, and you can save throwing a pair of tights under your standard LBD for the frozen depths of February. Don’t hate yourself for wanting to twirl and mingle in new (potentially sparkly) digs! 


Instead of overspending on a dress that winds up shelved for the rest of the year, fulfill your desire for something new by renting with Style Lend. Your budget will be as low, but the potential to turn heads remains quite high.

Read on below for our guide to holiday dressing… beyond the little black dress.


Eschew dresses entirely with jumpsuits! You’ll feel diva-ish channeling the 70s, and never underestimate the freeing effects of jumpsuits on the dancefloor.

Stone Cold Fox Jumpsuit

The Stone Cold Fox Jumpsuit is a classy, simple no brainer.


A Free People Sapphire Sequin Jumpsuit is ideal for those looking to indulge in holiday sparkle.


Dessy Collection’s Convertible Wide Leg Jersey can be styled several ways, which brilliantly allows it to be repurposed for different events. Wider leg openings give this a swingy effect, making it ideal for dressier occasions.


What better time to wear the sumptuous fabric that is velvet than the holidays? We love how regal it makes us feel.


This Intermix Blue Velvet gown is a minimal, trendy stunner. Night blue complements all skin tones, and the strappy simplicity of it lets the velvet do that talking.


Cushnie Et Ochs Black Velvet is truly a stunner. This dress features a crushed velvet design, structured bodice, and a super sexy slit.


The Line Lace Mini by Self Portrait is another excellent option for someone wanting to try velvet without looking Marie Antoinette-opulent. 

Blue is the new black

For those looking for a classic mini dress that transitions seamlessly between cocktails and the afterparty, these are for you. Opt for blue instead of black, but stay minimal with sleek designs.


Milly’s Cady Selena Dress is feminine, yet fashion forward.For those who didn’t get enough of last year’s off-the-shoulder trend… and why would you, it’s super flattering… this dress is a perfect go to.


The Torn by Ronny Kobo Angelica dress is a perfect balance of classy and sexy. A criss-cross v-neck makes way for juuuuust the right amount of midriff. The bold blue hue will make this one stand out in a sea of New Yorkers clad in black.

Get festive in RED!

If you tend to opt for more conservative looks or can’t quite let go of the comfort of your LBD, holidays are the perfect time to bust out something bold. People tend to go over the top this time of year with sequins, so you won’t feel out of place donning a fiery red number. Besides, is there a more on-season color?


The Self-Portrait Short-Sleeve Guipure-Lace Midi Dress is the definition of a stunner. Its deep red color is ideal for those put off by more orange-based hues, and the lace detail is a work of art. If it’s good enough for Holland Roden to wear on the red carpet, we guarantee it’ll pass for any genre of holiday party on your calendar.


Giorgio Armani Tiered Ruffled dress is simple, classy and oh so versatile. You can make her jazzy with sparkly tights and heels or keep the look classic with sleek black pumps. The back cut out provides an unexpected sexy flair.


The Robert Rodriguez One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress is the perfect way to play up any motifs of being wrapped up like a present. An artful cut keeps the ruffles from coming off as too girlish, so you can pull this one off for a swanky cocktail affair.

Bare some midriff with a two piece

Remember last year when Taylor Swift made the two piece (something we’ve donned for awhile, by the way…) a wardrobe staple?


Heading to a formal gala? Look no further than this Dress the Population :Sequin Two-Piece Gown. What could be basic is suddenly super mod thanks to the crop top, which bares a sexy slither of tummy.


We love the playfulness of this Sequin Embellished Two-Piece Dress by Ali & Jay. The high waisted midi skirt is super on trend and balances out the sequined top.

Accessorize to revive


Reformation opera bolero. Gorgeous velvet number, easy way to jazz up something you already have, or take your daytime look up a notch for a more casual event. 


How does Style Lend work?

It’s in our human nature to want what’s not ours. Remember college? Living with 5 of your friends – and access to their closets? All throughout undergrad my friends and I would effectively shop each other’s wardrobes before weekends, and the effect was a bit like living in Cher’s closet, just without that cool computer feature.

Adult life tends to spiral us into a much more isolated world, where we live with fewer people, alone or with a partner. Don’t get us a wrong, we welcome this respite from the chaos of our younger years, but miss that access. Luckily, Style Lend works a bit like having your best friend’s closet to browse. And with Style Lend, you can control when you can borrow, what you borrow, and don’t have to worry about cleaning the item.

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. And for affordable rental fees, you can have that excitement of sprucing up your wardrobe with something from a hyper-stylish friend. Because it’s always more fun to play dress up with someone else’s clothing.

Curious about how it works? Read on.

Rent. Rock. Return

Choose your item!
From maxi dresses to Chanel bags, we’ve curated a selection of thousands of designer items from some of NYC’s most stylish women. You’ll have virtual access to the closets of women with enviable style (maybe the Clueless analogy was spot on…). Select your items and add them to a shopping bag just as easily as you do with any other e-commerce.


How and when?
You can choose to borrow an item for either a week or two weeks, not including shipping days. Whether you borrow something for a one off event or love it so much you want to re-wear it, this time frame is designed with your stylish interests in mind. Perhaps you need to shop for shoes with the dress? A week gives you the luxury of time.

Renting made easy

You only pay if it fits!
We repeat, you only pay if it fits.

If it doesnt fit you dont pay

Expect a short delivery time.
Your pieces are delivered within 2-3 days or even within hours if you’re in NYC. Convenience at its finest!

Free Returns

Return your item… FOR FREE.
We provide you with a pre-paid envelope to ship the item back or we will send of our girls to pick up your item if you’re in NYC… all part of making this as easy as walking to your roommate’s room to return something.

same day courier in NYC

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Prosecco gets spilled and sometimes zippers break. That’s what our $5 insurance is for. And the best part of all: dry cleaning is on us.

Can’t wait, start renting here!


Top Halloween Costumes Kendall would be caught in!

Halloween should, in theory, be fun. One gets a chance to slip out of their day to day existence – all the time spent in fantasy can see itself physically manifested. And yet, each time the date comes around you likely find yourself in a mad dash around the city; facing long lines at Ricky’s for a wig to go with the costume you wore last year but are trying desperately to make “different” somehow. (Sidenote: do you think anyone will notice the striking similarity between all your takes on Wes Anderson Movies?)

We get it – you’re busy. When a typical day looks like morning yoga, work, happy hour with your mentor and tending to your passion project by night, you can’t afford to lose precious hours waiting in long lines with angsty New Yorkers or to peruse the generic options on Amazon. And in a city laden with conveniences, why would a costume be an exception?

Fear not. If you can order cuisine from anywhere in the world at 3 AM via Seamless, we at Style Lend believe your fashion needs deserve the same expediency and convenience. Hence why we’ve curating a major selection of glam costumes you can order at 10am and have delivered to your door by 6pm that same day.  And it’ll be one that will wow whether you glide to some downtown nightclub, all night warehouse rave in Bushwick or uptown gala. Bonus points for a costume you don’t have to dry clean or store – we take care of that!

Whatever your personality, below is inspiration so you can feel celeb-worthy. Remember that custom looking amazing Romy & Michelle Costume Jessica Alba donned last year? You too can be creative, sexy and glam with your costume – without the hefty price tag or time spent searching in despair. See below for Style Lend’s round up of costumes Kendall Jenner would TOTALLY be seen in:

Re-live Burning Man.

When it comes to costume inspiration, the burn is really the best. Whether you were there or not, Halloween weekend is the perfect time to channel those far out vibes.

1. We’re not sure what will stun more than a psychedelic purple unitard complete with a hood and full length cape. Levitate on the dance floor as an Intergalactic space traveler, best paired with very Burneresque heart goggles. Bonus points for feeling very The Fifth Element in this one.

Intergalactic Space Traveller

2. Channel a very sexy, vibey goddess as an Ice Queen. The look is completed with a headpiece and regal shoulder pads. Silver details and booty shorts make for a spacey, sexy look. 

Ice Queen

3. So you want to channel your inner space traveler but also pay homage to your feminine side? Enter the Out of This World costume. An alien headpiece completes a look that’s equal parts Jetsons and dance floor ready. PS: the skirt totally doubles as a flying saucer.

Out of this World

Go Luxe. 

Swanky Halloween plans call for super glam, one-of-a-kind pieces.

4. There’s a reason peacocks turn heads. Reinterpret the strutting bird with a custom Peacock top, the perfect choice for a gala or masquerade. This one pairs well with a ball gown or swingy trousers, as well as a feathered mask.

Peacocks Masquerade

5. Go ask Alice in this Custom Queen of Hearts stunner. Tulle and a corset are a ball-worthy combination, and you’ll feel like a total queen topping it all off in this flower-arrow headpiece.

Queen of Hearts

Vintage enthusiast.

Halloween is the perfect time to channel our nostalgia for bygone eras. Feel classy and siren-like in one of the below dresses.

6. Black and white sequins make this dress the perfect option to channel your inner Daisy Fay Buchanan (uh em, “The Great Gatsby”). Pair it with a short flapper wig, long pearls and swanky cigarette holder to round out a super glam look.


7. Go full on vintage glam in a Flashback to the 40s dress. We love that this one can be dressed up with the right accessories to channel the 80s, if you wish (shoulder pads!) An open back makes for a look that’s tres sexy.


The classics – basic free.

Some classic costume ideas never die, and it’s really up to you to reinterpret them creatively. Forget feeling basic, reinvent the mold!

8. Sequins on a pencil style skirt make this Mystical Mermaid dress an enviable homage to our sisters from the sea. Whether you pair with a red wig for a full on Little Mermaid look or interpret your own way (who says mermaids can’t have purple hair, for example), she’s an oceanic stunner.


9. Who says mermaids don’t live on the poles? The Arctic Mermaid look is a creative spin on the classic. We love how this one doubles as something you might wear on the Playa (see above for Burning Man inspired outfits). The details on this one are to die for, and you’ll look like you just washed up on some sexy, crystalline sea.


10. Perhaps you’re committed to your feline look but want to take it to the next level. Throw these chrome kitty ears on your head and voila, a basic kitten no more.


Channel your inner songstress.

11. Is there a more classic pop video than Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”? With Britney’s new album out this year, it’s never felt like a better time to pay homage to pop’s greatest princess. A red full-body suit is the perfect jumping off point for your look – early aughts choreography not included.


12. David Bowie gifted us with an incredible album this year right before his passing. Pay your respects to the Thin White Duke in this out of this world dress. Bowie never shied away from incredible accessories, and you can complete the look with these blue and hot pink cloud pumps.


13. Remember Taylor Swift’s adorable Unicorn outfit from last year? Make that look your own with a pink unicorn head. The party will know you’re trouble when you walk in before you proceed to shake it off on the dance floor._27a2884

Written by:

Our Favorite Fashion Week Looks

Summer is almost over and we have some mixed feelings about it, as I’m sure many of you have. Sadly, our summer Friday’s and long weekends have come to an end, as well as our tanned skin (not too happy about that).  However, fall approaching means that Fashion Week is here and the thought of slipping on our favorite pair of fall boots and leather jackets excite us. As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Every Year The Women Of New York leave the past behind and look forward for the future. This is known as FASHION WEEK.” We like to think the new year (in the fashion world) begins on September 8th, as we quickly elevate our style for the year to come.

As we get excited thinking about all the amazing runway and street wear looks we’re about to see this week, we’re going to recap our favorite ones from this passed year.


Summer Wedding Style Tips!

We’re very excited to announce that it’s wedding week at Style Lend. While it might be true that it’s technically always wedding week here, we are taking all of the focus off the wedding party (sorry brides + maids) and putting it on the guests. We know how many questions you guys have and the range of dress codes there are, so we’re going to break it down for you.

What do I wear?

The most important factors to consider when deciding on your attire is: time of year, location and the dress code.

And guess what?

These are all things you can find on the invitation (or at least should be). The date and location is a given, and the dress code is generally listed somewhere on the bottom of the invite.  We are expecting that you know that white or ivory should be saved for the bride only! We also suggest not wearing the bridesmaid color either.

Here are the most possible dress codes and what they mean:

Black Tie

The most formal on this list, but a very popular option. Opt for a long gown (or a really chic cocktail dress). We suggest a dark color, such as black, navy, etc.


Formal or Black Tie Optional

This is a step down from black tie, so opt for cocktail dresses or long dresses.  We suggest if it’s a fall/winter wedding to wear dark colors, and lighter colors for a spring/summer wedding (although dark colors are still acceptable).

Ria CrissCross- $40/Week

Beach Formal

This is generally for destination weddings, think: formal sundress. We would opt for a flowy dress as it will most likely be hot, but still look formal (do not wear a beach coverup). Have fun with color and patterns! In terms of shoes: flats, sandals, and wedges are all acceptable.



If it’s a daytime wedding, you can dress more on the casual side (think dressy skirt and top) and if it’s a night time wedding, we would suggest a dress (although a really chic skirt/top that consists of darker hues will still do).



This generally means anything goes, but we would still recommend a cute sundress, skirts or fancier pants and to steer clear of denim or shorts (unless mentioned otherwise).



  • Don’t get too wasted! We know there are open bars, overflowing champagne and people toasting every minute they can, but you never want to be that person (you know, the one who forgot the night and spent the night hovering over the toilet).
  • DO party and dance. The bride and groom want you to have fun!
  • In terms of gifts, get something from the registry or write the couple a check (contingent on how much you believe is appropriate in terms of how much you can spend and how close you are with the couple)
  • Don’t wear white/ivory (as we mentioned previously), however you can have white in the dress, it just can’t be the main event.
  • Don’t assume you get a plus one unless it’s mentioned on the invitation.