Featured Lender: Mimi & Chichi

We are excited to share our next feature, Gita Woosley! She has awesome taste and some amazing items up for rent on Style Lend. Read more about her style, shopping habits, and what she loves about NYC.

When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I was introduced to StyleLend by a fellow blogger, Ashley Nelson of Impossibly Imperfect. As a fashion blogger, I was really intrigued by the idea of renting clothes for events. Because, lets keep it real, why spend tons of money on a dress you’re probably only going to wear a few times, when you can just rent one instead? I also started lending out some of my shoes and purses not long after I joined StyleLend. I moved to New York from Texas a few years ago, and in doing so transitioned from driving to walking everywhere. You know, Carrie Bradshaw totally lied to us: there is no way I could survive a whole day here in my Louboutin stilettos — well not without taking taxis everywhere and breaking my wallet in the process. After I moved, I found that I hardly ever wear some of my heels. So why not rent them out and get some extra cash?

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Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

Although I do most of my shopping online, I also venture out to the brick-and-mortar stores every once a while. I’m a very list oriented person, even when it comes to shopping. It’s a habit I formed to combat my ADD. Whenever inspiration strikes me or there’s a trend I spy and want to try out, I would add it to my list. This way when I shop, I don’t get distracted by the shiny things.

Another thing that I do is keep a folder in my Gmail called “Shopping” and automatically route any emails from retailers there. Not only does this reduce spammy emails in my inbox, it helps me from getting tempted by a sale at times when I have no business shopping. Whenever I do have the need (or budget) to shop, I just visit this folder and see what retailers happen to have a sale at the time.

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Favorite brands/designers and why?

Gosh it’s so hard to pick favorites when it comes to designers/brands, because I have so many that I love. My sister recently turned me onto Reformation, and lately it’s been a favorite of mine.  I just love their design aesthetic. I pretty much want everything in the store!

What are your favorite things to do in NY?

Eat! The plethora of dining options is one of the major reasons I moved to New York City, so most weekends you can probably find me trying out a new restaurant. I’m currently on the hunt for a good okonomiyaki place, if anyone knows any.

If the weather is nice, you’ll probably also find me hanging outdoors. One of my favorite outdoor hangout spots is Governor’s Island. It’s a great place to catch some rays, bike around, picnic and even get some great yummy grubs from the variety of food trucks there.

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Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

It always feels a bit complicated when people ask what I do. By day, I work as a user experience architect at an advertising agency. On nights and weekends, I moonlight at Mimi and Chichi, a fashion and lifestyle blog I created with my BFF. So I guess you can say that I have two jobs.

I moved to New York City from Texas a little over three years ago. It’s always been a dream of mine to live in the Big Apple and I was so excited to finally make that a reality. The honeymoon period definitely has not ended yet for me (I hope it never will) and there are times where I have to pinch myself to believe that I’m actually here.  

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What is your fav piece of content you’ve created for your blog?

There you go again, trying to make me pick favorites. I’m so terrible at being decisive! One of my latest favorite is this outfit post of a find from the recent Zara sale. I just can’t get over how cute the dress is and that I got it for a steal. I just love when the stars align and you find the perfect dress, that’s the last piece, in your size, and for a crazy good price. I mean it’s like the universe is begging for you to buy it and wear it on the blog.

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How would you describe your style?

If I had to sum up my style into one word, I would say that it’s “versatile.” Although I have my tried and true, I’m never afraid to try out new styles and trends. There’s very little that I would shy away from.

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One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

Any of the book clutches from Olympia Le-Tan. Gossshh I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of those, but I just can’t justify the price since I know I won’t be using it that often. I hope it becomes available soon because I might just cave in and buy one for my birthday.

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

Aside from the cost saving I’ve mentioned before, I think there’s an environmental benefit to renting vs. buying, especially in this age of fast fashion. Many of us don’t think twice about going to a discount retailer to buy a special occasion dress that we’ll probably wear only a few times before it goes into the donation pile. Not-so-fun-fact: did you know that most of those donated clothes will most likely get shipped to developing countries or end up in landfills? According to Fashionista, “we buy about five times more clothing than we did in 1980, and threw away 40 percent more textiles in 2009 than we did a decade earlier — donation centers have far more stuff than they could ever realistically resell.”

I love that renting is becoming trendier now. I mean why wouldn’t you want to be good to the environment, to your wallet, and look fabulous while doing so?  

Meet, Sherita!

We are so excited to share our StyleLend of the month: Sherita. She is talented, beautiful and has some awesome pieces to rent from.


When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started renting with Style Lend last fall after I meet the CEO of the site/app at a Levo League event. I knew I had more evening wear than one girl needed and thought it would be a great way to make some extra money from gowns that I wasn’t wearing.

Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

I am a huge online shopper! I find that when I am in stores, I get overwhelmed these days since I shop so much online. From flash sales, especially on Gilt to browsing the sales at NeimanMarcus.com, I am addicted.


Favorite brands/designers and why?

Halston Heritage, DVF, Helmut Lang are definitely a few of my favorites. I like interesting cuts and draping and of course who can live without a DVF print!

What are your favorite things to do in NY?

I am big foodie, so dining out is on the top of my list. These days, when I am not auditioning or blogging, relaxing on my rooftop is the perfect end to my day.


Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

Originally from Detroit, I went to Loyola University in Chicago where I studied Finance and International Business.  On the contrast, most of my life has been spent in front of the camera. I have been modeling since I was 15 and am currently an actress, model & Host- In addition to running my blog, Busy Wife Busy Life. I have lived in NYC for over 10 years and it’s where I call home.

What is your fav piece of content you’ve created for your blog?

Even though I love giving fashion & style advice, like in my 7 Habits of Ultra Stylish Women, I would say some of my favorite content are my finance posts. Being able help people be more mindful of their money, is something that never goes out of style.


What do you love most about being a model?

Being able to work with a variety of people and play different characters/roles is one of the best things about my job. I loath monotony, and being an actress/model gives me the chance to do something different everyday and that is what I love the most.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very contemporary, yet classic. I love interesting cuts and styles but at the same time a great blazer, paired with a white t-shirt and jeans has my name all over it. It really depends on my mood- I am not afraid of color or prints! My go-to’s consist of a lot of pants and dresses – maybe I will call it uptown, meets downtown chic.


One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

Well, I definitely wouldn’t mind carrying a Chanel bag, but dishing out a few thousand on a handbag is not my thing (yet). I would love to rent one and just carry it for a few days straight. Lol.

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

I did a post about How Renting Your Wardrobe will really change the way you shop, this was even before I discovered Style lend. I think investing in quality pieces is the perfect way to build a lasting wardrobe, but sometimes you just want to have fun with your clothes. Renting gives you the opportunity to try new trends, experiment with colors you wouldn’t typically wear or just be someone completely different.


As you can see we had so much fun shooting in her neighborhood! Check out Sherita’s lifestyle blog: Busy Wife, Busy Life (www.busywifebusylife.com) and go rent her style!

Meet Melissa, the Founder of Riley Versa

Hey Style Lend girls, allow us to introduce you to Melissa Urfirer, our featured lender of the month!  Born and raised in NYC and immersed in the fashion world her entire life, Melissa decided to launch Riley Versa, an innovative line of handbags, which are available to rent on Style Lend!


What makes Riley Versa so unique?

Well, it’s the ultimate versatile bag you can dream of.  These gorgeous leather bags allow you to change the covers and turn your neutral day bag into a striking and bold evening bag.  Riley Versa’s interchangeable magnetic covers allow you to be boldly VERSA-tile with your fashion choices at all times.


Can you tell us a little more about your fashion background and what made you decide to start your own line?

My grandmother is the ultimate fashionista, so I’ve always loved fashion.  I learned more about the industry interning at Conde Nast’s W Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue, but my idea to start my own line came from a personal desire for the product!

It all started on a trip to Miami; I packed a brightly printed clutch for the weekend and didn’t realize until I arrived that it clashed with everything else I had packed! I had one of those “wouldn’t it be great if…” moments, and decided to actually make it happen. I knew I wasn’t the only person who wanted a bag like this, and other women would appreciate having a bag that gave them the flexibility to instantly transform their look.


Riley Versa is where luxury and convenience intersect. It’s perfect for the jet-setter; the woman who travels for work or pleasure and cannot pack multiple bags but can pack multiple covers. Riley Versa’s streamlined approach saves valuable suitcase, closet and drawer space – covers are infinitely easier to store than bags!

Riley Versa also spares you the hassle of transferring the contents of your bag when switching purses. I’m constantly leaving a credit card in one bag, and a lip-gloss in another, but with Riley Versa bags I can leave all of my belongings in one bag, and simply swap the cover for an entirely new, versa-tile look.


How would you describe your style?

Classic with a twist. I love starting with jeans and a white t-shirt and then adding some fun pieces – bright shoes, a funky necklace, a leather jacket…and most importantly a Riley Versa bag!


Other than Riley Versa, what are your favorite brands and why?

Zimmerman, Self-Portrait and FRAME. I think both Zimmerman and Self-Portrait masterfully mix delicate feminine details with bold sexy ones. Both brands create pieces you slip on, and just feel great wearing. And I live in my FRAME jeans. I have FRAME ‘Le Color Rip’ Skinny Jeans in both black and white, and they are wardrobe staples. I swear The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was written about them – they look good on everyone!


What are the essentials you carry in your Riley Versa bag?

My wallet, tic-tacs, sunglasses, and Aquaphor – in case you can’t tell, it holds a lot!


What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

I love walking around and exploring new areas, trying new restaurants and checking out new boutiques. And now that the weather is nice, I love packing a picnic lunch and spending the day at the Great Lawn – enjoying the “great outdoors” New York style.


Anything exciting in the works for Riley Versa?

Yes! We are releasing two new covers a new style bag this summer.

Thank you Melissa for talking to us and giving us so much insight into your business! Go to our website or app to check out all of Melissa’s items, including her amazing Riley Versa handbags!

Meet Our Lender: Emily Men

Let us introduce you to our featured lender of the month: Emily Men.  Emily is a freelance fashion stylist and blogger.  TheWardrobes is a lifestyle blog that Emily runs with her brother Jeffrey.  It has posts about life, beauty tips, and fashion inspiration for both men and women!

emily 8


I started lending to StyleLend in October or November.  I’m not exactly sure! Sorry.  But I love the idea of being able to rent/lend someone something to wear because you are able to make use of clothes that you otherwise wear once, and then they just sit there!

emily 14


I absolutely love the Alice + Olivia sequin dress.  It’s the perfect party dress!  So chic and easy!  The color is so beautiful too.

emily 10


I love wearing new outfits!  It’s always exciting because you have something new to show everyone about your personal style.

emily 1


I always shop in person and online.  I think online is great when you know the brand and how it fits, but I always like to see and touch the items in person.

emily 5


I am absolutely obsessed with Giambattista Valli, Delpozo, Rosie Assoulin, Rodarte, Chloe, and honestly the list goes on!  All of these brands embody everything that I love about fashion and just make the most beautiful clothes.

emily 17


I love walking around and exploring because you always find hidden gems!  It’s never-ending!

emily 19


I studied at FIDM in LA and found myself working in celebrity and fashion styling.  After a couple of years, I decided to study fashion design in New York at Parsons!  Since then, I have been working on my blog with my brother and freelancing in styling and design.  I’ve been in New York for about 3 years now.  Time flies by so fast!

emily 2


Feminine, soft, whimsical, vintage, with a touch of edge.

emily 13


I would love to rent a Chanel or Giambattista Villa haute couture gown!

Thank you Emily for letting us into your closet!  Shop Emily’s items on our app.

Get to Know Our Lender, Marina Dobreva!

Meet our lender Marina! She’s a stylist and jewelry designer in NYC, and she gave us an exclusive look into her life (and amazing closet).

marina 23


I started renting and lending from Style Lend in the summer of 2015, immediately after meeting the phenomenal woman who started the concept, Lona. Why? Because the model and idea is so exceptional that NOT to join Style Lend would be a loss and a shame. I immediately fell in love with the platform, and the only question I had was why weren’t we all doing this earlier!?

marina 15


Coming from a background in fashion and retail, I shop in the most intimate way available, which usually means in person. I love touching the fabric, seeing the colors with my own eyes, examining how it is assembled, etc. With that being said, when there is a trusted brand that I am familiar with, I do take the chance of buying things online. What I like about renting on Style Lend is that the team is so talented at sifting through fashion and selecting in a way that you can know everything you get on the app is even more amazing in person than it is online.

marina 17


I am not particularly partial to one designer, as every designer has their strong seasons and strong pieces. I find that a well balanced outfit has a variety of aesthetics within it, which usually come from different designers. For the moment, I do have some faves in terms of current collections. For shoes I am very into Sophia Webster, Sergio Rossi, Pierre Hardy and Aquazzura. For my dresses, I always gravitate towards Valentino, as I enjoy how timeless his pieces are. For bags, I find it’s always good to have some Chanel in the mix, preferably not a bag that everyone else has. But I also love contemporary designers such as M2Malleter and I’ve always been a fan of the simplicity of Sophie Hulme.

marina 26


Where do I start? I love just being a part of the ecosystem, and part of the movement. I don’t try to re-invent the wheel of things to do because the reason I moved to the city is precisely because the lifestyle it provides is exactly what I desired. Which basically means work harder every day than you did the day before, create and accomplish as much as you can, and decompress at night by spending time with other incredible people, enjoying the infinite great cuisine the city provides, the engaging nightlife, the music scene, culture, and overall creative stimulation. Though my top 3 ingredients to a good time outside of work are: people, music, and food.

marina 4


In a nutshell, I was born and raised in Bulgaria, with a 10 year stop-over in Portland Oregon. I did ballet professionally in my first years of my 20s, and following an injury that ended that, I got into fashion. I had a 4 year run with J.Crew as a stylist, and launched my own business styling for private and commercial clients after J.Crew. My latest venture in fashion is jewelry design, which is my next big focus. I’ve been in NYC since 2012, and have little to no plans to leave anytime soon.

marina 17


That’s a tough question! I suppose looking back on it, the biggest risk I took was with the Sahara cuff, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how that’s been perceived by the public. I recently gifted one to the lead singer of Thievery Corporation, Nat Clavier, and have been seeing some incredible photos of her on stage in front of thousands of people rocking it and looking stunning in it. That brings me joy.

marina 1



The intimacy I have with my work. The greatest thing about being a designer for me is having the creative freedom to make exactly what you want without having to take anyone else’s view on your creation. I started my line with climbing rope from REI, and whether people thought that was ridiculous or not, it was mine to do, so I pursued it. I still do work as a stylist, but with styling, one always has to make the client happy even if it means sacrificing some of your own creative integrity. With jewelry design, I don’t have to sacrifice anything. At least not during the design stage of the process.

marina 11



I always have different answers for this question. One constant however, is that I’ve always deemed myself eclectic. If I really had to break it down, I would say I have nuances of ethnic influence, modern edge, always with something classic and timeless within the composition, and usually heavy on color and texture. I try to take really unique pieces that inspire me, and find a way to make them wearable with everything else around them, which usually fits the description above.

marina 7


Being a stylist, I am fortunate enough to have access to most of my dream items on loan through clients and designers, so there isn’t anything that I am anxiously waiting to see on the app. However, if we could create “confidence” as an accessory that women could rent, I would say that should be the most rented item on the platform. I believe that a great outfit is nothing, unless a woman wears it with extreme confidence. It’s the one thing that everyone looks great in, and it doesn’t come in sizes, so everyone can have it!

marina 13


Renting is such a better strategy than buying, because to me fashion is a way of self-expression. How you feel today is not how you will feel tomorrow. And as much as we all wish we could afford to dress all of our moods and whims in designer clothing by buying it, most of us don’t have the exuberant amounts of cash and closet space to do so. Renting allows you to be best dressed at any moment of your life, without causing a financial catastrophe to an already pricey life in NYC (and elsewhere).  

marina 6

Thank you Marina for letting us see your incredible closet and crazy cool jewelry!  Go to our app to check out and rent all of her pieces!


Meet our Lender: Anastasia Alt

Read on to learn how the evolution of Anastasia has also become the evolution of her style. and how style lend lets her explore without breaking the bank.

When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started lending this past summer soon after meeting the founder and CEO of Style Lend, Lona Duncan. I immediately loved the concept as a great way to monetize and store the items in my own closet. I am excited to rent some great dresses for myself as the holiday party season approaches.


Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

I shop through sites like Gilt for great deals on the designers I love most. I also buy a lot of costume jewelry, which I pick up on Bauble Bar, in my travels around the world, or at shops around New York. Some of the pieces I love the most and those for which I receive the most compliments I bought for just a few dollars on sidewalk tables while walking the side streets of New York. A statement necklace (or five!) is the perfect thing to bring so you can pack fewer clothes and pull off different looks each day on a trip.


Favorite brands/designers and why?

I love Helmut Lang, Phillip Lim, and Rag & Bone for their simple, structured styles in mostly black, white, and neutral palettes. I like to mix up these looks and add color through bright jewelry and cool accessories I find all over. I wear a lot of ballet flats for walking around New York and Ferragamo makes my favorite, classic style with a flat bow across the front.


For bags, I like the understated look of Bottega Veneta in a classic hobo shape; I use my bigger black one for day and my smaller one in bright red for evening. For evening wear, I just bought a floor length Zac Posen gown in a beige color (it’s on Style Lend!) that I am excited to wear with some great jewelry (I really love jewelry!) and a good tan for the right occasion.


What are your favorite things to do in NY?

I am always looking for new and different things to do throughout the city and I am hardly ever out of options! There are a few activities I am especially looking forward to in the coming weeks. The New York Botanical Gardens has special evenings to showcase their holiday train show with cocktails and live music that I plan to attend. I go to FlyWheel for a great spinning workout and am looking forward to trying an adult gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers soon. I also can’t wait to finally go to Trapeze School in Queens! I recently converted to a vegetarian and mostly vegan diet, so Jivamuktea Café near Union Square is a favorite spot to grab a healthy snack or meal. While I constantly seek new activities, there are two spots where you can find me again and again: Baby Grand for late night karaoke and the Good Room for late night dancing!

Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

I am a lifelong New Yorker. I grew up in Manhattan, went to college at Columbia and moved to Williamsburg this year, which I absolutely love. I am an avid traveller, so despite strong local ties I like to explore new places and have spent significant time abroad over the years, especially throughout Europe and South East Asia.


After working in finance and the corporate world for several years, I am also kicking off a new professional chapter this winter. I just left my job as a management consultant and am learning web development and programming full-time over the next few months. I have plans to start a business after I complete my coding course. I also have a “side hustle” throwing theme parties roughly every six weeks under the series name Patzo Party. Costume parties are another way I love to express myself with fashion.


How would you describe your style?

Overall, my clothing is definitely quite structured, classic and tailored, but my outfits get an infusion of whimsy and fun through bright jewelry, creative nail art, and interesting accessories that I add in layers and change depending on my mood. My personal style has evolved over the years alongside my zip code in New York City.


I grew up on the Upper East Side but these days I spend most of my time in Williamsburg and in downtown Manhattan. I was about as preppy as they come through college (polo shirts, headbands and pearls were all wardrobe staples) but I have moved towards an edgier and more eclectic sense of style in the past few years. Today, I see fashion as a great form of self-expression that can evolve as I do. I am inspired to try new looks just walking around my neighborhood in Williamsburg and love discovering local designers.


One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

I’d love to rent the Chanel Velvet Boy Bag in Emerald Green for a great party or night out. The cross-body chain makes it easy to dance without having to put down your bag!

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that my style will continue change as I do going forward. Style Lend makes it easy to express my evolving sense of fashion without committing to buying expensive pieces. I love it!


Thank you so much to Anastasia for letting us into her style & home. Love her style? Rent it on http://www.stylelend.com or by downloading our iOS app.

Styling with Katelyn Johnson

Meet our fashion stylist, lender + renter of the month, Katelyn! Strutting through showrooms, photo shoots, and art school, this stylish girl is making her way up in the fashion industry. After hearing about Style Lend from one of her models during a photo shoot, Katelyn has been an active lender and renter on our app! Take a look at our fun day exploring Katelyn’s neighborhood and cute home!


 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in a modest town north of Sacramento, studying ballet from the age of 3 until 20. I picked up photography in high school and there found my second love. I would combine ballet, fashion, portraiture, and landscapes as the subjects of my photos. After graduating high school I took a little time off before university to work in an office. While there, I finally realized I wanted to pursue fashion. I moved the Bay Area 4.5 years ago, and have gotten to do just that! I still take a couple ballet classes here and there, and now let other people do the photography for me while we collaborate on the artistic direction. I am now assisting at Artists Services, and look forward to moving to NYC next summer!


When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started renting from StyleLend about 2 months ago, as a way to rent special pieces for events, but also to rent wardrobe for photo shoots as I’m a commercial and editorial stylist for ads, music videos, and magazines. I lend because I’ve collected some exciting pieces that I don’t always get to wear, and want to share the excitement with others in my city.


What do you love most about being a stylist?

What I love most about being a stylist is definitely the creative aspect. Most of what I do is getting to run around to scout gorgeous clothing, props, and locations. I get to put it together and create something from scratch with other talented people who each have their own impressive backgrounds. I’m fascinated with the many places from which style can draw inspiration, and how we use it to tell our stories. The designers have produced their visions, now stylists and photographers get to put that onto a person in a scene, extending that portrayal of a world – either actual or aspirational.


What is your fav styling assignment you’ve had?

My favorite styling assignment I’ve had was actually one that started out not as wardrobe styling, but as prop styling! The photographer was a new contact at the time, and wanted to test out my skills before committing to a full fashion editorial. As we got to know each other and developed our ideas together, we became more trusting and pulled out a great concept from unknown parts of our creativity. It became a rather dark series actually, but I think it was a turning point for me that really helped me find my signature aesthetic.

The series touched on inspirations from dutch baroque still life, from ideas of memento mori, and the relationship between child and mourning mother. Although I am not religious and nor was the concept, it was from this that I drew the title, “Pietà,” after the pose of Virgin Mary holding a crucified Jesus. It included such pieces as a cow fetus, a taxidermied snake, ostrich eggs, classical sculpture, and a vintage monkey fur jacket. We shot it on a large format camera with 4×5 film slides. The tones and textures developed so rich and smooth, just dreamy. You can see it at katelyndjohnson.com/pieta

Katelyn__MG_7751_v1 (1)

Fav designers/brands?

If we’re being so ambitious here, as we should be when it comes to something as fun as fashion, I really love designers like Proenza Schouler, Haider Ackermann, Mary Katrantzou, Prada, Peter Pilotto, Dior, Lanvin, and Balmain. I love the detailing and unique materials of Proenza, with it having a deconstructed but refined aesthetic to it. Haider Ackermann is one of the best in color and draping in the industry, and the complex patterns of Katrantzou or Peter Pilotto always get me. I hope to one day get to own such pieces, but for now I stick to something slightly budget-friendly, like Opening Ceremony, MSGM, Self-Portrait, Three Floor, Miista, 3.1 Phillip Lim, No. 21, Sandro, Derek Lam, and C/MEO. I love and encourage color, pattern, and embellishment, so very rarely will you catch me in head to toe black, or without a piece of Alexis Bittar jewelry.


How would you describe your style?

I feel like I’m a mix, maybe on opposite ends. I can go super minimalist with clean, tailored lines, or maximalist with too many colors and details. I love asymmetry in either case – a sleeve missing here, a cut-out there, a pattern on this shoulder, or a panel of fringe or ostrich feathers splashed across a shoulder. More often than not, my background in classical ballet heavily influences my style, as it did in my editorial. Its romanticism and femininity usually manage to sneak in somewhere. The movement of the clothing is really important to me.


What would be your dream item to rent from Style Lend?

One of my dream items to rent would likely be something mentioned among my favorite designers. However, there is a beautiful Cynthia Rowley tasseled cocktail dress for rent on the SF StyleLend (from lender Paula Lam). It’s a gorgeous mix of black, royal blue, eggplant, and gunmetal. Asymmetrical, of course, sleeveless mini with a crew neck. I need to create an opportunity to wear this!

Katelyn__MG_7741_v1 (1)

Why do you like the idea of renting/lending VS buying?

Renting vs buying is a great way to save money on buying a piece for a special occasion while also letting you connect with others in your area! For lenders it’s really a nice way to get a little return on some pieces you’ve invested in, and I like to use it for my shoots because SF is sadly short on showrooms (a typical resource in the fashion photography industry). It’s so nice to be able to have more access to beautiful clothes you might have seen walking the runway or may not typically be in your budget, making something you’ve dreamt of wearing a reality!

We want to give a huge thanks to Katelyn for inviting us over and letting us into her stylish lifestyle! Every item worn by Katelyn can be rented on our app!

Meet our lovely lender, Laura Dannels!


We’re so excited to introduce you to our featured lender, Laura! She has an amazing sense of style that has developed over her years of traveling and moving. Laura is originally from a city nearby Lake Tahoe, she then moved to Sacramento, Texas, and she is now continuing her adventure in SF! We are certain Laura is the best dressed woman working in Leadership and Organizational Development – who wouldn’t want to dress like her to work?! Lucky for us, Laura brought an entire suitcase full of fashionably chic outfits to our photo shoot!


when did you start renting/lending from style lend and why?

My closet has always been a “style lend” concept. I also have so many formal dresses my friends have been calling me to borrow items for years. When I found out Style Lend existed (it was posted in a gala Facebook event) I was so excited! I brought a handful of dresses over and have been continuously adding items. I buy so many beautiful gowns and unique dresses that can only be worn once or twice. Style Lend is a great way to get back some money spent on dresses and also still keep the ones I’ve fallen in love with.


fav go-to outfit?

My favorite go-to “look” would definitely be long dresses. This is one way to really complement my height (I’m 5’10). Maxis, Gowns and stunning strapless numbers always seem to call my name! Long dresses really accentuate different body styles and really make a women look elegant.

what are your shopping habits?

I am definitely an “in person shopper” unless it’s for a brand I wear all the time. The great thing about Style Lend is that if you know your size in a brand like BCBG it’s so much easier to order! Also, it’s important to know what looks good on your body style. I have broad shoulders and a large bust, so it can be tricky to find the right fit.


We LOVE this BCBG fringe suede skirt! Rent this entire outfit on our app!Laura_MG_0009_v11

FAV brands or designers?

My favorite brands are definitely Alice and Olivia (because its very flirty/girly), Maje, Sandro and Theory. I wear a lot of black so Sandro always seems to have something that’s sophisticated and classy. Other favorites are MARC by Marc Jacobs because its cool and a little edgy and an easy standby is BCBG, or even better yet their Runway collection.



where do you get inspiration for your outfits?

The outfits I chose for the photo shoot really show my eclectic fashion taste. However, they also highlight easy go-to outfits for running around San Francisco. With fall coming, I am really excited about earth tones, leather and anything with fringe! Also, since SF is cold I always try to style my outfits with some sort of jacket or sweater top.


how would you describe your style?

My great grandmother was a NYC suit buyer in the early 1900’s and my grandmother was the most fashionable women I ever knew. Even into her 80’s she was always dressed to the nines with the perfect outfit and accessories. She read Vouge religiously and when I’d shopping with her in NYC. The stores even knew her by name! I can hear the staff and Neiman Marcus greeting us to say “Welcome Mrs. Jampol”. I can still remember going into her spectacular closet and seeing row after row of beautiful designer shoes, handbags and unique coats.

I’ve always felt that fashion was the best way to express myself and there’s nothing I love more than hunting down the perfect outfit. I definitely don’t stick to one style and I consider myself a fashion realist – there’s a perfect out fit for every event! My looks range from preppy or bohemian to rock glam, vintage, sporty and sometimes flirty fun.

what would be your one “dream item” to rent on our APP?

I am definitely a realist and wouldn’t feel comfortable spending a few thousand on a dress for a one time event, so having Style Lend would allow me to rent gowns like a beautiful Marchesa Notte.



What are your fav things to do in sf?

I really enjoyed volunteering my time with organizations throughout the community. Because of my volunteering, I tend to go to a lot of charity events, galas or auctions (hence I always need nice dresses). I also love to get away on the weekends to wine country or down to Half Moon Bay.

WHy do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

I love the concept of lending out clothing because I like to stay current every season and there are pieces that I LOVE but I just can’t wear very often. Lending them allows me to keep them around for when I want them but still make some money on the side in a very pricey city.


We had an amazing time getting to know Laura and her amazing closet! You can rent every item Laura wore from her closet on our APP! She has the best outfits for the best prices!

Say Hello to Nupoora!

Meet Nupoora! This talented woman has amazing taste in fashion, home decor, and art. Originally from Seattle, Nupoora was doing Beauty Marketing for Nordstrom. She now works at a startup called Udemy.com! She’s making an impact on our world by doing something she loves.


what is UDEMY.COM?

I decided to take a leap back into the startup/tech world and joined an incredible mission-driven education company called Udemy.com where we’re helping democratize access to education. Right now, we have over 7 million students in 190 countries, and I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come over the past year! There is nothing more satisfying that waking up everyday and going to a job you absolutely love.


Nupoora recently invited us into her creative and unique apartment for a fun photo shoot! In her home, Nupoora creates her beautiful work in her personal art studio!


WHere did you get inspiration for decorating your house?

I’ve wanted an art studio apartment for as long as I could remember! I’ve been pinning art studio inspiration images, and extracted my ideas from there! There’s also nothing like the Renegade Craft Fair to make you want to deck out your place like an Anthropologie window display!



I am an artist. It’s a statement that’s taken me a while to accept. Nupoora.co started as a small passion project and became a full fledged small business for my artwork. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was little, and this year, I finally decided to make something of it. 100% of the profits from my artwork goes towards microloans for women in other countries through sites like Kiva.com. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful full time job, so this website is my way of trying to make an impact while still doing something I love.


WHat’s your fav painting you’ve ever done?

My favorite painting is called “Sun on my cheek”. It’s a watercolor and pen painting I did late one night a few days before I launched my website. My dear friend just purchased the original, so I know it’s in a safe and loving home 🙂


When did you start renting/lending from style lend?

I started using Style Lend about a year ago after two of my close friends showed up to dinner casually donned in some Alexander McQueen dresses they rented from Style Lend!

WHy do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

Let’s face it, San Francisco is expensive; we can’t afford to be shopping 24/7, and in addition, we have to be doing our part, no matter how small, to recycle and re-use!


do you have any shopping habits?

I tend to boutique shop online and pop into retail stores when I’m hanging out with my sister!

fav brands/designers? why?

Dream Designers: Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab, Preen, Sophia Webster, Peter Pilotto, Aquazurra, Atelier Versace
Designers for Everyday: Aquatalia Boots, Jason Wu skirts & dresses, For Love and Lemons, Stuart Weitzman pumps, DVF
Fast Fashion: Everything Zara, Aritizia, Jcrew, Urban Outfitters and local SF Boutiques

what’s your “dream item” to RENT on style lend?

Style Lend had a stunning deep emerald green Dior bustier dress a few weeks ago! I wish had an excuse to rent it :)!

We are truly inspired by Nupoora and her go-getter attitude! Visit nupoora.co and support her by joining to help women living in poverty around the world.

shop stylish closets and rent from style lend like nupoora on our APP!

Meet SF’s Social & Savvy Lauren Helm


Always polished with a hint of edge.  

That’s what I think of every time I see Lauren Helm– and her on-point witty humor. One of San Francisco’s “it” social, stylish, and savvy twenty-somethings, it’s no surprise that her closet and bedroom intersects this very idea of classic with a twist. Which is why we picked her to be our “sought after” closet to feature this month!Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.34.26 PM Straight out of a vogue editorial, her room is set to perfection. High wood-beam ceilings go 15ft high, a cozy fur found from an antique market in Stockholm is tossed elegantly across her bed and romantic candles are lit everywhere. It’s absolutely stunning. Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.26.59 PM Her favorite designer is Alexander Wang. Known for his urban designs, this city girl knows exactly how to layer and put an outfit together. Never boring, always sophisticated, here’s a peak:Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.27.30 PM

How do you accessorize.

I have two favorite items that I always wear. Two pearl strands that my mom gave me, and this Philip Lim necklace. I got it in college, freshman year, on shopbop.

When did you know you loved fashion?

When I found out about Gilt…everything escalated.

Lauren Helm Style Lend
Lauren’s Style Lend Closet

What you’re reading.

Slouching towards Bethlehem…short stories about the Bay Area and a portrait of SF in the 1960’s. I just read about it in Vogue.


Most eclectic piece in your closet.

My Louis Vuitton loafers. I bought them at a consignment store in LA. My sister made fun of me for getting them, but now that they’re back in style…I even wear them to work.

Fashion words to live by.

Definitely quality over quantity. I would always rather have a few nice things a season than a bunch of random stuff. Each season I’ll get a couple every day pieces, but then focus on more bold/fun items.

3 fashion/beauty essentials for SF living

  1. Booties- Perfect transition for day to night out in SF.
  2. Sunglasses- Can instantly spruce up any outfit, my new favorites are Barton Perreira.
  3. Leather jacket/ blazer- have way too many colors and styles.

Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person)?

Almost always online, in SF it’s hard to find a lot of time. I’m really good about finding great price points without spending a lot.  The only time I do shop in person is when I’m traveling. I love stopping in all the local boutiques because you can find great pieces you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Favorite brands and designers?

First and foremost, Alexander Wang– eclectic and fun. Carven–newest obsession, especially this romper. Acne and Helmut Lang– street style chic. Equipment– the best shirts! I love checking out consignment stores every now and then to find cool, vintage pieces. Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.41.18 PM

Events you like to go to (can be from brunches, napa trips, to galas)

Saturday usually starts with brunch and a new reason to celebrate, whether it’s a birthday celebration, showing a friend from out of town the city, wine country, or going to watch the Giants. I’m a huge foodie so every couple of months my friends and I will choose a new restaurant in the city which makes it fun to experience together.  Love going to events- anything that requires a new dress.  I’ve been trying to explore outside the city more too, the Bay Area is so pretty!  Spent the weekend in Stinson exploring recently and it was great to get out and get some fresh air.

Your fashion motto

Be comfortable and be yourself, but don’t be afraid to take risks! (aka like this romper below)

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.36.42 AM

Most recent purchase

Barton Perreira. sunglasses and a vintage pair of Chanel ballet flats

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

Easy- the price!  You want each event to be special with a new dress, and with Facebook and Instagram, I want a variety, if you’re going to be photographed! Facebook and Instagram, I want a variety if you’re going to be photographed! Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.26.13 PM

Download new Style Lend app here and shop lauren’s closet!