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Caity's Night At The Gala Wearing Style Lend's Black Gown By BCBG Max Azria

We’re dedicating our post today to a very special Style Lend customer and San Francisco trendsetter, Caity Shreve. Caity is a stylist, fashion blogger, and freelance writer who has a social calendar that would make your head spin. On any given week, Caity attends launch parties, fashion events, museum openings, galas for the arts, etc, etc.Caity Blue Dress

So Many Parties, What’s A Girl To Wear??

When we asked Caity how she manages her fashion needs with such a hectic life, she told us “The need for a constant influx of stylish duds is remarkably stressful! I love fashion and I love shopping, but it’s expensive and time consuming to ensure I’m continually showing off fun new styles and fresh ideas on the website, social media, and at events. Style Lend is an absolute dream come true – I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard about the company!”

Caity Black Leather

Caity’s Night At The San Francisco Ballet’s Opening Night Gala

Last week, Caity attended the highly exclusive opening night Gala for the San Francisco Ballet. Rather than going out and spending a fortune on a gown worthy of the occasion, she rented one from Style Lend’s dream closet, full of top designer dresses uploaded by stylish girls all over San Francisco. Caity chose this lace-detailed black gown by BCBG Max Azria, and looked gorgeous!


Naturally with a party this glitzy and glamorous, we wanted details… Thankfully, Caity was happy to oblige – “The event was amazing! We started with cocktails in a beautiful room in City Hall before heading across the street to the ballet for the champagne promenade prior to the ballet. The people watching at this event is unparalleled – Everyone is just milling around, checking out the gowns, and full of compliments. The performance was a great combination of classical ballet and modern choreography – everyone did a lovely job.”


Renting The BCBG Max Azria Gown

We were curious how the experience of renting a dress on Style Lend compared to buying something online, or at a store. Here’s what Caity told us: “I loved renting the black lace BCBG Max Azria gown because it was easy, the dress fit like a dream, and I got exactly what I  was hoping for. What I love about Style Lend is that I can pick out what I love, and then try them on before making a choice – no other online store or brand offers that. It’s a fabulous and unique experience – I may never be able to go back to regular shopping!”

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 12.16.57 PM

Huge thanks to Caity for giving us a window into her beautiful night at the SF Ballet Opening Night Gala! If you want access to Caity’s fabulous taste, you’re in luck! Her blog, Moi Contre La Vie, covers fashion, food, and fitness.

To borrow a dress for your next date, party, or formal event, check out Style Lend’s top designer dresses here: If you’d like to rent your top designer dresses to others and earn money to put toward bills, weekend getaways, or those Christian Louboutins you’ve been coveting, you can do that on Style Lend as well!

Ready for Valentine's Day? The Top 5 Styles To Make His Jaw Drop

Have a date for Valentine’s Day but no idea of what to wear? We polled eligible bachelors in San Francisco to find out the top clothing styles that guys love. He’s stepping up to the plate with the festivities, why not wear something that’s both fashionable and makes his jaw drop.

Red Dress 2

#1 Fitted Clothing

Big surprise, right? Here’s the deal – while a guy will almost never remember what you wear, he’s very likely to remember how attractive he found you. Men have a super-human ability to assess proportions – it exceeds that of a professional tailor, or a catty girl. The best fitted garments will emphasize your good assets and not draw attention to any remnants of holiday excesses. We recommend choosing either a fitted bodice or a fitted skirt. You can also wear something that’s loosely fitted all over, rather than skin tight from top to bottom.

Versace Spring 2014
Versace Spring 2014

#2 Short Skirts and Dresses

Men in all their hairy muscley-ness love our smooth shapeliness by contrast. It’s important to not take the shortness too far – god forbid you should drop something and have to pick it up! Our recommendation is to combine a shorter skirt with long sleeves, or something that covers you more up top. You don’t want to overwhelm the poor guy!

white versace dress
tight short

#3 Sheer Fabrics

Even if you’re wearing a camisole or a slip underneath, guys like to think that if the light shines at just the right angle they might get a glimpse of something they weren’t supposed to. Pretty under garments are key with this look.

Christian Dior
Christian Dior


#4 Strapless Tops and Dresses

We have to forgive them – they simply can’t help loving skin. It’s your job to figure out the exact right amount to show. Strike a balance between looking hot, and keeping his attention on conversation so that he can find out how smart and funny you are also.

Strapless 2 V Day Strapless

#5 Simple Elegant Jewelry

Men have a completely different definition of beauty than women do. For example, we like super models and they usually prefer pin-ups. Most guys will opt for less make-up, less jewelry, and fashion that highlights your natural beauty, rather than hiding it behind too much artifice. It’s entirely possible to strike a balance and look naturally gorgeous, without going completely sans makeup, sans jewelry, and having to wear a plain-looking frock.

simple jewelry 2 Simple Jewelry

Now that you have some additional data on male preferences, you can either toss it to the wind or incorporate it into your own style. In either case, peer to peer fashion lending community, Style Lend, has your covered in the dress department. You can now rent top designer dresses from other fashionistas in San Francisco for roughly a tenth of what you would spend on buying that dress new.

If you’re boycotting Valentine’s Day this year, you can loan your dresses to other girls and make money on the holiday when everyone else is over-spending!

Sold yet? Start browsing dresses, and uploading your own top designer dresses at

Now That You've Been Seen In That Dress At The SF Ballet Gala… Make Money With It On Style Lend!

You spent weeks shopping for the perfect dress for the San Francisco Ballet Opening Night Gala…

White Gala

You looked gorgeous…

Taupe Gala

And now you feel like you can’t wear that dress again for a long while!

Red Dress

What’s a girl to do? If you sell your dress on Ebay, you’ll get a fraction of what you paid. Why not earn money on it by renting to other fashion aficionados on Style Lend? You don’t have to give it up permanently, nor do you have to feel guilty about letting it gather dust! Style Lend insures every garment so you’re totally covered.

Blue Flower Dress

The San Francisco Ballet season opening gala had a theme of “Phenomenal” at City Hall Wednesday January 22, 2014. It featured a dinner in the rotunda, cocktails in the South Light Court, a gala performance, and after-party. Beautiful gowns fluttered up the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall Building, and sequins reflected the warm gem-toned lights in the rotunda. Photographers flooded the steps to capture San Francisco’s best dressed in all their couture glory.

City Hall Clear Dome Entrance
Paula Carano wearing Elie Saab
Paula Carano wearing Elie Saab. Image: Drew Alitzer
Sonya Molodetskaya wearing Vasily Vein
Sonya Molodetskaya wearing Vasily Vein. Image: Drew Alitzer
Alison Mauze wearing Carolina Herrera
Alison Mauze wearing Carolina Herrera. Image: Drew Alitzer
Tanya Powell wearing Vera Wang
Tanya Powell wearing Vera Wang. Image: Drew Alitzer

Rotunda 2

Rent Your Dresses Out And Earn Money

Style Lend is an online peer-to-peer fashion community that allows girls who own top designer dresses to rent them to other fashion-conscious women. As a Style Lender, you can earn money on your dresses to put towards monthly expenses, weekend jaunts to Carmel, or those Louboutins that have been calling out to you. The best thing is, you get the dress back whenever you want!

Getting Dressed Up? Rent A Gown for A Tenth Of The Cost Of Buying

If you have another fabulous event to attend, why not rent a gown or cocktail dress on Style Lend instead of buying? With beautiful dresses from designers like Carolina Herrera, J Mendel, Alexander McQueen, Herve Leger, and Yves Saint Laurent, you really can’t go wrong. Start browsing available dresses at Here are a few standout looks!

Stylend Dress - Gala
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
J Mendel
J Mendel
Lipsy VIP
Lipsy VIP

Girl's Best Friend: The Little Black Dress

The little black dress has to be the most resilient fashion trend that ever happened. Like the classic movies that remain relevant decades after their release, or hit songs that came out in 1965 but are still in heavy rotation, the little black dress isn’t going anywhere. It truly is girl’s best friend! It’s slimming, sexy, and sophisticated. With the right accessories, it can be dressed down or dressed up. You can wear it to church, keep it on all day, and then wear it out to the city’s wildest nightclub. How many other garments can boast such versatility?

litttle black dress - artsy

Celebrities Wearing The Little Black Dress

The LBD has been rocked by pretty much every celebrity that ever stepped foot on a red carpet. Audrey Hepburn wore the classic sheath in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Beyonce wore a new invention of the little black dress in a futuristic frock constructed of small connected plastic triangles. Miranda Kerr, Kate Beckinsale, and Kate Bosworth wore the little black dress in shape flattering renditions. And Lady Gaga, true to form, managed to make it look like a cross between modern sculpture and a child’s art project.

LBD - celeb collage

The Many Faces of the Little Black Dress

The little black dress does not favor any particular demographic. It can be worn in cotton over combat boots by a girl covered in tattoos, or by one of the real housewives of New York to a fundraising luncheon. Wear it under a blazer, to a board meeting, or with stilettos to a night on the town!

LBD - Style Collage

Put Your Little Black Dress To Work on Style Lend

Style Lend is a localized peer-to-peer community marketplace where fashionable women have access to the infinite dream closet. You can earn money by lending your little black dresses (or any other dresses) to other stylish women in your town. Need an LBD for an special occasion? Style Lend has a gorgeous selection of top designer dresses. Take a look now at