Bridesmaid | Save Money!

It’s wedding season and we here at Style Lend could not be more excited!  We’ve practically been stalking all of Vogue‘s articles on Spring Weddings, and there was one article in particular that caught our eye: a guide on where to spend money and were to save.

As much as we love weddings, they can get expensive, even when you’re not the one who is getting married.  Bridesmaids not only have to spend money on dresses for the events, but on the bridal shower and bachelorette party, wedding gifts and travel costs. Expressing budget limitations early on can be a big help, and luckily Style Lend is here to help you save money.


Do you remember that scene from Bridesmaids, where Helen wanted everyone to buy the ridiculously expensive Fritz Bernaise dress (“It’s on sale!”) and Annie was vying for the more affordable–and much more plain–non designer dress?


You don’t want to look plain at your friends wedding, but you also don’t want to spend a ton of money.  Let’s be honest: no matter what dress the bride chooses, no matter how pretty it is, or expensive it is, it’s still a bridesmaids dress.  You’re never going to wear it again.  Like ever (even if it is a Fritz Bernaise).

And once you buy a dress, you’re probably going to have to pay to have it altered (and that is going to cost just as much as you paid for it).  At Style Lend, we have a perfect fit guarantee; so if an item doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for a different item, or even get your money back.  If he bride is kind enough to let you pick out your own dress, renting is definitely the best option.

Here are some gorgeous dresses that are anything but boring:

nicole miller

Nicole Miller “Ruched Indigo” Rent for $40/week


Parker “Shane Embellished”  Rent for $40/ week


Burberry “Prorsum Spring 2014” Rent for $120/ week

You can browse all of our formal dresses here!

Then there’s also the fact that you need so much more than just the bridesmaids dress. Weddings are serious affairs with an almost never-ending list of parties to attend.  Forget about the actual wedding for a moment: there’s also the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, and rehearsal dinner.  So obviously you need a different outfit to wear for each event right?  You can’t be an outfit repeater!

But we’re here to save you! Here are some of our favorite dresses that are perfect for the bachelorette party.

Free People “Black Vegan Leather Dress” Rent for $20/ week

Parker “Black Elijah Sequin Dress” Rent for $50/ week

Rachel Zoe “Muse V-Neck Sequin Dress” Rent for $55/week

Be sure to check out all of these dresses and items for any other occasion over at Style Lend and on our mobile app!

Wedding Diaries: The Bridesmaids

If you are a part of a bridal party this season, let us help you make this experience stress-free! The main dilemma of being a bridesmaid is paying for a dress that will you only wear once. So, we want to share with you two tips on how a bridal party can rent dresses from Style Lend, save money, and look amazing.

tip 1: mix and match

Bridesmaid_8782_v2 Choosing a dress that fits everyone’s body type can be difficult. We suggest simply mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses! It allows flexibility and helps all of your ladies feel confident and gorgeous in a style that fits their body type. By using our color and size filter on our app, you can find a trendy bridesmaid dress that will match the wedding palette, fit your style, and save you money.

TIP 2: the perfect palette

Bridesmaid_8803_v2 Finding the perfect palette creates more color, depth, and style to your wedding party. It can be difficult assigning one specific color. Giving your bridesmaids the option to choose from different hues can be really handy if your ladies not all available to go shopping together. We love the idea mix and matching different shades of a similar color! _MG_8835_v1 We hope these tips help you and your bridal party feel stress-free as the big day approaches! All of these beautiful gowns can be found on our fashion app! Good luck to all of the beautiful ladies on their dress hunt!