Spring into Fashion

Spring has finally arrived (at least for the moment), and it is BEAUTIFUL. Women are leaving their jackets at home and pulling out their dresses and skirts.

Spring Fashion Week came during one of the coldest weeks in February, when warm weather seemed like a lifetime away. But now that it’s finally here, we figured you could use a refresher course on some of the biggest trends for spring, and some ideas on how to make them wearable.



Romantic floral designs are always a staple when it comes to spring style.  Keep your style feminine by pairing it with soft hues, or add an instant edge with a leather jacket.

Rent the trend:

70’s Inspired Garments


This means a lot of suede, and a lot of fringe.  This can be a tough look to pull off, but we recommend sticking to neutrals, a la the fashion goddess Olivia Palermo.

fringe outfit

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This ultra-feminine style was all over the runways, and we’re sure it’s going to be everywhere this spring too.  We recommend wearing yours with a romantic, high-neck top!


Rent the trend:



This looks intimidating, but think of it as mesh taken to the next level.  Perfect for your next night out! (But if this look just isn’t for you, don’t worry, mesh is still totally in!)

Rent the trend:



Denim is back in a big way.  If you’re bold enough, try mixing two denim pieces together for a cool and relaxed vibe.


Rent the trend:

Spring into fashion, and rent all of these trends on our website and app!


Featured Renter, Meet Tilden!

When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started renting/lending from Style Lend last summer (2014) and have been obsessed with it ever since. As a blogger, I absolutely love the concept of renting designer RTW pieces for those more laid back events and blog photos. It makes the idea of playing dress up more mature and realistic to participate in for someone blogging as a business.


Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

With my crazy schedule, shopping online is 10x easier but I do get hesitant from buying outside my brand comfort zone – the sites I know will fit. If they don’t offer free returns, I usually abandon my shopping cart. In person I feel more comfortable trying the pieces on, but styles are limited and practically everyone’s my size.. Basically shopping for me is either a hit or miss, depending on the day, time and place I decide to shop.

Feature_Tilden_MG_0761 (1)

Favorite brands/designers and why?

Retailers: Asos, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Top Shop, H&M, Club Monaco

Designers: Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, James Perse, Elizabeth & James, Vince

I love all these brands/designers because they best describe my style every season of the year, as well as stay reliable with sizing and pricing. I know what to expect when shopping from each of them and rarely disappointed in my picks (other than the occasional buyer’s remorse..)


What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

Brunching, without a doubt. It’s borderline a religious activity on both Saturday and Sunday where you get to indulge without criticism and people watch all at the same time. I honestly feel I understand the city I call home much better on weekends and fall in love with it all over again.


Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

I started my blog To Be Bright in January 2013 as a junior year in college with hopes to score a coveted fashion/retail public relations internship in NYC. As someone who was born and raised in NJ, the Big Apple is practically my second home and where I felt the most independent and secure while still having the comfort of home nearby. The goal was to get that internship that would lead to a job where I could secure that location of freedom & family – TBB would be the place where I show a little more about myself and my personality in a visual form, something a paper resume could never do.


I rode horses my entire life, competing nationally up and down the east coast since age 10 at a serious & competitive level. The University of South Carolina recruited me my senior year of high school to compete on its Division I NCAA Equestrian Team, which I did for the first two years of my college career. Fashion was always an interest but something I could never “get into” because I didn’t have the time for it. However, I made sure to always dress for class and took a lot of pride in the pieces I owned and kept in my closet.


When I resigned my position on the team to pursue other interests, I got involved blogging and soon becoming the online editor and PR director of our student magazine. It was then where I discovered my love for writing/sharing content as well as using social media to the best of my ability for a business, so to speak.


So launching TBB was originally to share the work I did for the magazine, but it soon became the platform of my style and shopping habits. When I saw such a strong and positive feedback to my fashion-related posts, I decided to focus a bit more on that. It wasn’t until I was being asked to feature products and share my opinion on a broader spectrum that I realized I could make this a real business. Two and a half years later, To Be Bright is a fully-focused life & style blog that came to be in the most organic way possible – I couldn’t be happier with the direction my passion has taken me and I cant wait to see what the future holds for it.

Any little quirks?

Superstitious and I blame my dad for this one in the most appreciative way possible. He always made me think in an optimistic manner, work hard for the things I desire and stay hungry. That being said, he would consider certain moments and things to be considered “lucky” and to act upon them when appropriate to encourage a positive mindset. So if I catch the clock at 11:11 or see a penny heads up, a wish will be made and a coin will be picked up and pocketed. I also have a small habit of checking my zodiac app every morning, just to mentally prepare what may or may not happen to me that day…because you never really know.


What do you love most about being an influencer?

What I love most about being an influencer is the ability to help someone out with a dilemma, in the form of clothing or by a change of perspective. When someone comes up to me and compliments my blog or tells me that it’s helped her in some way, it makes me so happy to know what I’m putting out there is bettering another person. At the end of the day, that’s what I want my blog’s presence to represent.



How would you describe your style?

Transitional – as I’ve grown and documented my fashion timeline for the past two years, my style has been a direct reflection of who & where I am during that time in my life. Since college and moving into NYC, my style has become more structured, minimalistic yet thought-provoking enough to take a second glance, and thrifty nonetheless. I score at sample sales, online sales and discounted stores & consignment shops to balance the budget I need to stick to and the appearance I want to maintain. In a year from now, my style might be completely different in the way I shop and share but for right now, it’s representing the very place I’m in with my real life.Feature_Tilden_MG_0860

One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

Probably anything Chanel (duh) but honestly, a nice Louis Vuitton tote would be fun to carry around for a hot second – it’s been a secret wish of mine to get but I’m being patient with my indulging, for now.


Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

Renting is great because it’s an “in the moment” action that can satisfy a luxury need – like an event or photo – while not having to commit to the price and redeem the “payoff.” For someone on a strict budget but looking to expand her designer reach, Style Lend is the perfect platform for me to push my blog in the direction it needs to go without having to pay for the consequences, no pun intended, of sacrificing bills over a moment of style.


We had a blast getting to know Tilden and we thank her for letting us come over. Love her style? check out her blog To Be Bright  or some of her favorite items at Stylelend.com or download our app

Styling with Katelyn Johnson

Meet our fashion stylist, lender + renter of the month, Katelyn! Strutting through showrooms, photo shoots, and art school, this stylish girl is making her way up in the fashion industry. After hearing about Style Lend from one of her models during a photo shoot, Katelyn has been an active lender and renter on our app! Take a look at our fun day exploring Katelyn’s neighborhood and cute home!


 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in a modest town north of Sacramento, studying ballet from the age of 3 until 20. I picked up photography in high school and there found my second love. I would combine ballet, fashion, portraiture, and landscapes as the subjects of my photos. After graduating high school I took a little time off before university to work in an office. While there, I finally realized I wanted to pursue fashion. I moved the Bay Area 4.5 years ago, and have gotten to do just that! I still take a couple ballet classes here and there, and now let other people do the photography for me while we collaborate on the artistic direction. I am now assisting at Artists Services, and look forward to moving to NYC next summer!


When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started renting from StyleLend about 2 months ago, as a way to rent special pieces for events, but also to rent wardrobe for photo shoots as I’m a commercial and editorial stylist for ads, music videos, and magazines. I lend because I’ve collected some exciting pieces that I don’t always get to wear, and want to share the excitement with others in my city.


What do you love most about being a stylist?

What I love most about being a stylist is definitely the creative aspect. Most of what I do is getting to run around to scout gorgeous clothing, props, and locations. I get to put it together and create something from scratch with other talented people who each have their own impressive backgrounds. I’m fascinated with the many places from which style can draw inspiration, and how we use it to tell our stories. The designers have produced their visions, now stylists and photographers get to put that onto a person in a scene, extending that portrayal of a world – either actual or aspirational.


What is your fav styling assignment you’ve had?

My favorite styling assignment I’ve had was actually one that started out not as wardrobe styling, but as prop styling! The photographer was a new contact at the time, and wanted to test out my skills before committing to a full fashion editorial. As we got to know each other and developed our ideas together, we became more trusting and pulled out a great concept from unknown parts of our creativity. It became a rather dark series actually, but I think it was a turning point for me that really helped me find my signature aesthetic.

The series touched on inspirations from dutch baroque still life, from ideas of memento mori, and the relationship between child and mourning mother. Although I am not religious and nor was the concept, it was from this that I drew the title, “Pietà,” after the pose of Virgin Mary holding a crucified Jesus. It included such pieces as a cow fetus, a taxidermied snake, ostrich eggs, classical sculpture, and a vintage monkey fur jacket. We shot it on a large format camera with 4×5 film slides. The tones and textures developed so rich and smooth, just dreamy. You can see it at katelyndjohnson.com/pieta

Katelyn__MG_7751_v1 (1)

Fav designers/brands?

If we’re being so ambitious here, as we should be when it comes to something as fun as fashion, I really love designers like Proenza Schouler, Haider Ackermann, Mary Katrantzou, Prada, Peter Pilotto, Dior, Lanvin, and Balmain. I love the detailing and unique materials of Proenza, with it having a deconstructed but refined aesthetic to it. Haider Ackermann is one of the best in color and draping in the industry, and the complex patterns of Katrantzou or Peter Pilotto always get me. I hope to one day get to own such pieces, but for now I stick to something slightly budget-friendly, like Opening Ceremony, MSGM, Self-Portrait, Three Floor, Miista, 3.1 Phillip Lim, No. 21, Sandro, Derek Lam, and C/MEO. I love and encourage color, pattern, and embellishment, so very rarely will you catch me in head to toe black, or without a piece of Alexis Bittar jewelry.


How would you describe your style?

I feel like I’m a mix, maybe on opposite ends. I can go super minimalist with clean, tailored lines, or maximalist with too many colors and details. I love asymmetry in either case – a sleeve missing here, a cut-out there, a pattern on this shoulder, or a panel of fringe or ostrich feathers splashed across a shoulder. More often than not, my background in classical ballet heavily influences my style, as it did in my editorial. Its romanticism and femininity usually manage to sneak in somewhere. The movement of the clothing is really important to me.


What would be your dream item to rent from Style Lend?

One of my dream items to rent would likely be something mentioned among my favorite designers. However, there is a beautiful Cynthia Rowley tasseled cocktail dress for rent on the SF StyleLend (from lender Paula Lam). It’s a gorgeous mix of black, royal blue, eggplant, and gunmetal. Asymmetrical, of course, sleeveless mini with a crew neck. I need to create an opportunity to wear this!

Katelyn__MG_7741_v1 (1)

Why do you like the idea of renting/lending VS buying?

Renting vs buying is a great way to save money on buying a piece for a special occasion while also letting you connect with others in your area! For lenders it’s really a nice way to get a little return on some pieces you’ve invested in, and I like to use it for my shoots because SF is sadly short on showrooms (a typical resource in the fashion photography industry). It’s so nice to be able to have more access to beautiful clothes you might have seen walking the runway or may not typically be in your budget, making something you’ve dreamt of wearing a reality!

We want to give a huge thanks to Katelyn for inviting us over and letting us into her stylish lifestyle! Every item worn by Katelyn can be rented on our app!

The Perfect Staycation

Out of all of the beautiful places we traveled to this summer, our favorite will always be San Francisco! We’re so excited to be back in SF for our perfect summer staycation! For a staycation in SF, skip the usual tourist attractions and take a stroll your favorite neighborhood instead.


San Francisco locals love dressing comfortable yet trendy and chic. Fashion is SF is all about that comfy urban chic look. Keep it casual by renting our fave Ralph Lauren bf jeans. Tuck it in a slouchy white tee and don’t forget to top it off with this fringe Carolee necklace and a floppy hat. Rent the Ralph Lauren bf jeans and Carolee necklace to complete your summer look!


SF is the best staycation because in every walking distance – there’s something to do! If you want to do a little shopping, visit Filmore and Pine street for the cutest boutiques and your fave designers.


We are in LOVE with this Kate Spade quilted chambray dress! Keep it simple with a t-shirt dress for your day of shopping! It’s a little chilly here during the summer, so wearing a denim dress will be perfect to shield you from our strong winds.

Here are our fave spots to stop by in the city!

  • Grab a coffee and sit along the Marina near Fort Mason
  • Watch the sunset at Twin Peaks on a clear summer day
  • Walk down Valencia St. for great food
  • Take a stroll through Golden Gate Park
  • Go on a shopping spree along Filmore Street


rent this kate spade dress on our APP!

Wedding Diaries: The Bridesmaids

If you are a part of a bridal party this season, let us help you make this experience stress-free! The main dilemma of being a bridesmaid is paying for a dress that will you only wear once. So, we want to share with you two tips on how a bridal party can rent dresses from Style Lend, save money, and look amazing.

tip 1: mix and match

Bridesmaid_8782_v2 Choosing a dress that fits everyone’s body type can be difficult. We suggest simply mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses! It allows flexibility and helps all of your ladies feel confident and gorgeous in a style that fits their body type. By using our color and size filter on our app, you can find a trendy bridesmaid dress that will match the wedding palette, fit your style, and save you money.

TIP 2: the perfect palette

Bridesmaid_8803_v2 Finding the perfect palette creates more color, depth, and style to your wedding party. It can be difficult assigning one specific color. Giving your bridesmaids the option to choose from different hues can be really handy if your ladies not all available to go shopping together. We love the idea mix and matching different shades of a similar color! _MG_8835_v1 We hope these tips help you and your bridal party feel stress-free as the big day approaches! All of these beautiful gowns can be found on our fashion app! Good luck to all of the beautiful ladies on their dress hunt!

Coachella 2015!!!

It’s that time of year! Coachella is here and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t wait to jam out to the amazing bands that will be playing and checking out all the cool fashion that will be there! Below are some of our favorite trends! Let us know what trend you’re loving!

Floppy Hats
Floppy Hats
Floral Headbands
Floral Headbands
Crop Tops
Crop Tops
Lace Up
Lace Up
Mixed Prints
Mixed Prints
Flash Tats
Flash Tats
Maxi Skirts
Maxi Skirts

5 Ways to Parisian Chic

We’re so envious of how the French have managed through the decades to seem so effortlessly cool and flawless. We did some research @StyleLend to figure out the staples behind Paris’ Street Style. Check out our 10 must haves for that cool city chic vibe, some of the staples might already be hanging in your closet.

1.) A loved and worn vintage tee shirt.

1 2

Our Style Loves Devon Windsor & Edie Campbell paired their tee’s with black fitted skinny jeans and dark dark frames. We love the touch of punk that Devon incorporated by sporting a structures leather jacket. Black bags and cute booties are a must! Who said your beloved tee shirt from your teens couldn’t be chic!

Photo Credit: Diego Zuko

2.) A tall pair of leather boots.

3 4

The funkier, the better— but they must be over the knee! You can take a basic neutral over the knee boot and pair it with some statement pieces or let the boots be a statement on their own. Either way we love how daringly bold over the knee boots are and how willingly they go with pretty much just about everything.

Photo credit Vincenzo Grillo

3.) A black skirt

5 6

Often we associate a black mid-length skirt with button down white shirt and some stuffy flats but these girls show you can dress it up with some fun and funky accessories to give the black skirt a little bit more life. We’re loving the fun pop of colors with the sneakers and the unique cut on the carven sweater.

Photo Credit: Vincenzo Grillo & Diego Zuko

4.) The clutch

7 8

It’s not just for evening affairs! Our eyes on these street chic models who prove just how versatile the clutch is. This season it’s all about a big oversized clutch in an eye-catching color or pattern. It’s an instant way to dress up a monochrome outfit and add some fun!

Photo Credit Diego Zuko

5.) The peg leg pant

9 10

The peg leg pant is a great day to night staple that can transition from the office to cocktails at Press Club. We suggest sporting an oversized bag and keeping the rest of the outfit in a neutral hue. Dress it up and get funky with the shoe. The peg leg pant allows you to show off the shoes, you’ve been dreaming of wearing.

5 Tips to Pack Intelligently

Getting excited over vacation is easy but for the majority of fashionistas, packing brings bouts of anxiety. What to wear, how to wear it and the worst how to pack it into just one suitcase are all questions that we fret over! At Style Lend we want to let you know that you’re not alone. We formed a #StyleLendTravel support group to discover new tricks when it comes to packing. We know it won’t take the edge off completely but we’re hoping this guide will help melt the pre-travel stress away.

1. Pack three tops for every bottom!

Follow this simple formula and get more outfits out of your suitcase. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts and you’ll able to wear them multiple times. Always pack a staple bottom like denim shorts so it’s easy for matching.

2. Skip the towel!

We get it, the Chanel beach towel you own is a piece of art and while we’re all for showing it off, it isn’t practical. The reality is that a towel takes up a ton of room and most resorts are happy to provide towels. Leave it at home. Same with hair dryers, shampoo + conditioner, and body wash. If you can’t live without the latter, buy some travel size containers and pack it in.
Choose colors that coordinate. I know, I know it’s hard to limit yourself to just one color scheme but if you’re tight on space, picking pieces that coordinate with each other is a safe bet and makes selecting outfits so much easier.

FullSizeRender (1)

4. Pick your shoes wisely.

If you’re tight on space, choose shoes in neutral colors. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels, they go with everything and they actually make you look taller. Wear the shoes that take up the most room on the plane and off the plane to save space in the bag.

5. No need to bring a curling iron too!

You can easily create curls with a straightener. Youtube videos such as this one will show you all the tricks of the trade. You can also save space by minimizing the amount of makeup you bring. Lipstick can double as crème blush, and brown eye shadow easily works as eyeliner. A great bb crème eliminates the need for primer and foundation. You can easily contour and highlight with white eye shadow and bronzer.


Party Season Perfect

Written by the Witty Fashion Guru: Oni Rovatti

If you’re going to take dozens of photos and be the star of your social media site this Holiday Season, keep in mind that your friends and fans will be scrutinizing your imagery from every possible angle. And by angle, we mean Facebook and Instagram. We all saw your posts from Halloween where you obviously threw on your shortest mini-dress from “Forever 21”, donned a headband with cat ears and went to a party.  You thought it was clever, sexy, naughty.  We thought it lacked imagination and made you appear cheap and ridiculous. FAIL! Most of us are older than 21, dress with some class and confidence already. The good news is you can delete those embarrassing posts and make a better impression on your friends and colleagues this Holiday Season. You can’t afford it you say? Oh yes you can baby.

Here’s how:

In order to look your best and enjoy every social occasion of the season, you need to be free of any and all anxiety or discomfort.  That’s what gets you noticed.  You are the woman talking, laughing, dancing, and cavorting throughout the night.  They can’t take their eyes off you.  Your face, your voice, and your spirit snatch all the attention.

“Let’s start from the foundation…”

You do amazing things everyday without giving what you’re wearing a second thought. You know how to get through the work week, you know what makes you feel and look good while conquering the world, so don’t over complicate your “special occasion” wardrobe.

Alice + Olivia Gold Sequined Dress
Alice + Olivia Luna Dress, Rents for $60.

Wear a dress, for Pete’s Sake! It’s like putting on a t-shirt.  Keep it simple and elegant.  Don’t try to over do it with complicated straps and belts.  You should be wearing the dress, the dress should not be wearing you.

“If it cuts, binds, shows bulges, bags, or shifts, don’t wear it.”

Find a style that makes you feel like you could overthrow a government and rule a country.

“Make sure you can put it on and forget about it.”

Adrianna Papell Glitter Fall Black Sequined Dress

Adrianna Papel Glitter Fall Dress, Rents for $30.

Minimize the need for complicated undergarments ( these will wreck your vibe, big time!) and be free to express your personal style and charisma. Shapewear undergarments like Spanks or Yummie Tummie are literally designed to Compress you.  Quite frankly, I don’t want to be compressed while I’m being fabulous!

“I want to move like a cat, dance, flirt, and swing from the chandelier.  That would be impossible in a ‘girdle’.  So minimize the stiff, un-fun, undergarment. Stick to what you wear everyday; your bra and panties.”

Be respectful of your hosts and other party guests.  Too much of your exposed flesh can be disturbing to some people.  Keep it PG! Holiday parties are often multi-generational. If you bare your shoulders, cover your legs, if you show off your legs, cover your torso.  It’s as simple as that.  Always leave them wanting more.

image1xxl (2)
TFNC Sequined Shimmer Dress, Rents for $20

Making a positive, lasting, impression begins with self respect. So, don’t be the woman who’s tugging at her ridiculously short hemline when she sits. Don’t pluck at the top of your strapless gown and wriggle uncomfortably. This isn’t attractive.

Don’t be overly ambitious, says Oprah.

I’ve seen some Facebook posts that actually show the pain of over-ambitious footwear.  It’s horribly embarrassing to watch you hobble to your car at the end of the night, dreadful to witness  your date attempt  to carry you,  and your girlfriends are fed up with having to ‘wait up’ while you shuffle to the next party . Take a tip from Oprah Winfrey:

“Rate each pair of shoes that you own on a time scale.”

For instance:  Those 4” Manolo’s are 10 minute shoes.  Useful for photo opportunities and ‘sit-down’ occasions only.  Those 2” Strappy Aerosole Evening Sandals are 8 hour power-houses, you can be on your feet all night. Make a concerted effort to have a well stocked footwear wardrobe.  Don’t purchase shoes on looks alone, you’ll never wear them.  In the back of your mind you know what your feet want, you know how long you’re going to be standing, dancing, etc.  Make this the one thing you do right for the rest of your life.

Last words of Party-Girl Advice.

I’ll leave you with one last bit of ‘Party-Girl Advice”;  Know what you’re signing up for.

Black Halo Jackie O Dress, Rents for $40.

When you’re invited to a party, do some research about the event.  Find out if it’s a cocktail party/mixer (you’ll be on your feet) or a formal dinner (you’ll be on your feet, then on your tush), a casual house party (you’re likely to be tipsy and flirty). This way you can plan an appropriate outfit.  Getting the exact address to the party is a ‘must’ as well.  Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Private Home, this info has an effect on what you wear. There is an unspoken, social protocol to each individual to each individual occasion and we’re here to help.

Post a question below or email a photo of yourself to info@stylelend.com and we’ll do our best to style and make you fabulous.

Visit Style Lend at www.stylelend.com