Get Naked With Us

The first week of summer has finally arrived and here at Style Lend we have a lot preparing to do. First it was our outfits, then our summer beauty transition, and now it’s our summer bodies. We’ll give you insight into the teams most coveted items to rent this summer for showing off their legs, abs, shoulders and arms!


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In the summer I definitely like to expose my legs, since they’re in hibernation all winter. I focus on getting them tanned (Jergen’s Natural Glow is a must) and double up on my fitness classes to ensure that I stay as toned as possible. I will definitely be renting the Alaia Lace Up sandals for an extra leg elongation!

Azzedine Alaia – $85/week


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Practicing hot yoga all winter long has my arms and shoulders summer ready (talk about planks and chaturangas). I’m thrilled about the off the shoulder trend this season because I’m ready to show off my toned shoulders and back. I’ve had my eye on the Self Portrait off the shoulder Georgette dress and Serena off the shoulder dress for a while now!

Self Portrait – Georgette Dress $75/week


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Summer is my favorite season of the year, not only due to the warm and beautiful weather, but also getting to show off all the hard work I put into my body all year.  I love to do pilates, barre, yoga and meditate as often as I can.  I’m looking forward to wearing all the white and striped dresses we have on style lend as they especially feature cut outs in all the right places.

Lover + Friends Ocean Wave – $20/week



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Knowing what your best assets are is key! I work hard on ensuring my waist line and abs are always on point. Sit-ups are my obsession, I think its also because its the one area I can see results right away. I can’t wait to wear all the amazing crop top’s we have, especially the A.L.C Bronze Metallic one, it will look good with my tan 🙂

A.L.C Crop Top- $25/week

We can’t wait to rock all the great summer items from Style Lend all season long! What are you planning on wearing on this summer?

Our Places to get your Summer Body Ready

As I’m sure you can already guess, the ladies’ at Style Lend love to dress up. I mean, how could you not with all these amazing items to rent? When we’re not all glammed up, you can usually find us in our workout gear ready to hit up our favorite fitness classes in the city. 

Here are our go-to studios:

New York Pilates
In terms of reformer pilates, New York pilates kills it. Their new SoHo studio is so chic you’ll never want to leave. The classes go by quick, but don’t be fooled, you’re doing some serious core work!


If you’re a pilates fan, want killer abs (who doesn’t?) and insane challenge this is a MUST try class for New Yorkers.  This class is known as “pilates on crack” using the megaformer and has a serious cult following.


Physique 57
Killer bods are made at this barre studio which claims to change your body in just 8 classes (and it’s true!). The pulsing, tucking and squeezing you do in this class will have your body on FIRE and leave you feeling like a champ.


Mile High Run Club
When we’re feeling the need for some cardio in our lives, we put on our running shoes and head to MHRC.  With state of the art treadmills, inspiring “coaches” and an all around upbeat vibe, this class has made us enjoy running (well, kinda) and makes us feel amazing afterwards.


Soul Cycle
We know you’re familiar with this studio, but the hype is real! We’ve tried it in NY, the Hampton’s, LA, Miami, the list goes on! You’ll sweat a ton and have a blast, while listening to incredible music.