The City of Lights- Paris

Whenever anyone thinks of France, they usually automatically think of Paris. They are taken to a world full of romance, of fashion, and of history. Every fashionista dreams about the day she’ll finally arrive in Paris, so us here at Style Lend have created the ultimate guide for your Paris adventure.

*The Sights*

The Louvre Museum- With beautiful, futuristic architecture, the Louvre is home to not only the Mona Lisa, but also Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. 


Arc d’ Triumph- Located at the end of the Champs-de-Elysees, the Arc d’Triumph is one of the most famous Paris landmarks. Highly recommend climbing it at night to get a great view of Paris.  

Eiffel Tower and Park- Pick up a couple of baguettes and a bottle of champagne and have yourself a picnic underneath the iconic tower, and then climb to the top and you can see the entire city.

Photo by Emily Diamond

Champs E’lysee- The “Rodeo Drive” of Paris, the Champs E’lysee is home to the most beautiful and eclectic fashion houses, stores, and restaurants.

Church of Notre Dame- The infamous home of Quasimodo, this gothic church is unlike anything you’ll ever see. Sculptures and stained glass windows show influences of naturalism and was one of the very first gothic cathedrals. Construction began in the 12th century, but was not until 300 years later that construction was completed. A must see in Paris.


Palace of Versailles- The home of Marie Antoinette and several French Kings during the French Revolution, Versailles is a must hit spot during your Paris trip. The Gardens and Park of the Chateau’s is unlike anything you will ever see and an absolute must if you want to get the best Instagram picture.

Musee d’Orsay- An absolute must for al art lovers. They have all types of art including architecture, models, paintings, sketches, and statues. If anything, go to the Impressionism floor and see beautiful works by Monet, Van Gogh and more.



Centre Pompidou- The museum of modern art is a great museum for people who love the modern word and futuristic architecture. Not only are the exhibits one of a kind, but the building itself will make you feel like you traveled a few years into the future.

Photo by Emily Diamond


Le Bouillon Chartier- Traditional French food; go for the escargot, foie gras, a whole fish, French onion soup, and amazing classic French wine; Address is 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris; they are only open until 10pm so don’t go too late.

La Creperie des Champs Elysses- You can’t go to Paris and not get a crepe. The street crepes are great, but if you really want to go all out, go here and watch the magic of crepe making in front of your eyes, located on 5, Rue Washington75008 Paris, France. *highly recommend getting the banana nutella, you won’t be sorry*

Photo by Emily Diamond

“r.”- Expensive but so cool and great view of the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t go for dinner, at least go for a drink at the bar; kind of hard to find but so cool so ask around.

Angelina’s- Go for tea and hot chocolate in the afternoon – near the Lourve, so cute and great baked goods.

Lauduree- A trip to Paris is not complete without the best macaroons. Enough said.

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Travel to Europe!


Pack your passports ladies, we’re off to Europe this week! It’s time to rent the best outfits for your european getaway! First stop is Berlin, Germany!



We absolutely love the style in this city! Berlin fashion is all about sticking to neutral colors – lots of black, whites, and gray’s.



We paired this striped MINKPINK crop top with a black leather mini. Keep it neutral with your shoes and accessories as well! But don’t be afraid to add some color though! Add a pop of color to your outfit and make it your statement piece!



Paris, France – the City of Love and a fashionista’s dream come true! Fashion is Paris is all about classic pieces in shades of neutrals and pastels. Always go for a classic look with a stylish twist!


Tip: Wear a simple denim button-up for two outfits! Pair it with black panel shorts from TopShop or wear our voluminous midi-skirt from ASOS! Add a classic red lip and shoe to the outfit and you are ready for your parisian day!




Enjoy bright sunny days and crystal clear waters in Greece this summer! I’d have to say this place is magical!



Match the beautiful blue seas and rent this Alice + Olivia crop top from our app!


Greece is all about relaxing and having a peace of mind. Pack comfy yet fashionable clothes. We suggest wearing light comfortable fabrics like these TopShop shorts and beautiful shades of blue! This is the best getaway to take your mind off of work this summer! Throw on a pair of sunnies and soak up the sun.

Our next stop is Asia – see you beautiful ladies there!

5 Ways to Parisian Chic

We’re so envious of how the French have managed through the decades to seem so effortlessly cool and flawless. We did some research @StyleLend to figure out the staples behind Paris’ Street Style. Check out our 10 must haves for that cool city chic vibe, some of the staples might already be hanging in your closet.

1.) A loved and worn vintage tee shirt.

1 2

Our Style Loves Devon Windsor & Edie Campbell paired their tee’s with black fitted skinny jeans and dark dark frames. We love the touch of punk that Devon incorporated by sporting a structures leather jacket. Black bags and cute booties are a must! Who said your beloved tee shirt from your teens couldn’t be chic!

Photo Credit: Diego Zuko

2.) A tall pair of leather boots.

3 4

The funkier, the better— but they must be over the knee! You can take a basic neutral over the knee boot and pair it with some statement pieces or let the boots be a statement on their own. Either way we love how daringly bold over the knee boots are and how willingly they go with pretty much just about everything.

Photo credit Vincenzo Grillo

3.) A black skirt

5 6

Often we associate a black mid-length skirt with button down white shirt and some stuffy flats but these girls show you can dress it up with some fun and funky accessories to give the black skirt a little bit more life. We’re loving the fun pop of colors with the sneakers and the unique cut on the carven sweater.

Photo Credit: Vincenzo Grillo & Diego Zuko

4.) The clutch

7 8

It’s not just for evening affairs! Our eyes on these street chic models who prove just how versatile the clutch is. This season it’s all about a big oversized clutch in an eye-catching color or pattern. It’s an instant way to dress up a monochrome outfit and add some fun!

Photo Credit Diego Zuko

5.) The peg leg pant

9 10

The peg leg pant is a great day to night staple that can transition from the office to cocktails at Press Club. We suggest sporting an oversized bag and keeping the rest of the outfit in a neutral hue. Dress it up and get funky with the shoe. The peg leg pant allows you to show off the shoes, you’ve been dreaming of wearing.