Women’s March

We had the honor of attending the Women’s March in Washington D.C. Its hard to explain the powerful feeling of being surrounded by amazing women, so we thought we would share some of our favorite pictures:


Join us for #GivingTuesday

With over 13 million tons of textile waste in our landfills we were excited to boycott Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Instead we wanted to encourage our community to join us for Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a global day for everyone to give! Check out their list of organizations you can donate, here. At StyleLend we are taking it one step further and extending it to all of December!

We created Style Lend to help customers make a positive impact on the environment – encouraging renting instead of buying and lending instead of tossing.

So, we wanted to offer our customers another opportunity to do good, so we will be donating 50% of the revenue from ALL rentals this month to Fashion Revolution US – an organization dedicated to ensuring that fashion stays accountable for their damage.

Rent from Style Lend and help us transform the fashion industry into a force for good!



Summer Wedding Style Tips!

We’re very excited to announce that it’s wedding week at Style Lend. While it might be true that it’s technically always wedding week here, we are taking all of the focus off the wedding party (sorry brides + maids) and putting it on the guests. We know how many questions you guys have and the range of dress codes there are, so we’re going to break it down for you.

What do I wear?

The most important factors to consider when deciding on your attire is: time of year, location and the dress code.

And guess what?

These are all things you can find on the invitation (or at least should be). The date and location is a given, and the dress code is generally listed somewhere on the bottom of the invite.  We are expecting that you know that white or ivory should be saved for the bride only! We also suggest not wearing the bridesmaid color either.

Here are the most possible dress codes and what they mean:

Black Tie

The most formal on this list, but a very popular option. Opt for a long gown (or a really chic cocktail dress). We suggest a dark color, such as black, navy, etc.


Formal or Black Tie Optional

This is a step down from black tie, so opt for cocktail dresses or long dresses.  We suggest if it’s a fall/winter wedding to wear dark colors, and lighter colors for a spring/summer wedding (although dark colors are still acceptable).

Ria CrissCross- $40/Week

Beach Formal

This is generally for destination weddings, think: formal sundress. We would opt for a flowy dress as it will most likely be hot, but still look formal (do not wear a beach coverup). Have fun with color and patterns! In terms of shoes: flats, sandals, and wedges are all acceptable.



If it’s a daytime wedding, you can dress more on the casual side (think dressy skirt and top) and if it’s a night time wedding, we would suggest a dress (although a really chic skirt/top that consists of darker hues will still do).



This generally means anything goes, but we would still recommend a cute sundress, skirts or fancier pants and to steer clear of denim or shorts (unless mentioned otherwise).



  • Don’t get too wasted! We know there are open bars, overflowing champagne and people toasting every minute they can, but you never want to be that person (you know, the one who forgot the night and spent the night hovering over the toilet).
  • DO party and dance. The bride and groom want you to have fun!
  • In terms of gifts, get something from the registry or write the couple a check (contingent on how much you believe is appropriate in terms of how much you can spend and how close you are with the couple)
  • Don’t wear white/ivory (as we mentioned previously), however you can have white in the dress, it just can’t be the main event.
  • Don’t assume you get a plus one unless it’s mentioned on the invitation. 

Get Naked With Us

The first week of summer has finally arrived and here at Style Lend we have a lot preparing to do. First it was our outfits, then our summer beauty transition, and now it’s our summer bodies. We’ll give you insight into the teams most coveted items to rent this summer for showing off their legs, abs, shoulders and arms!


Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

In the summer I definitely like to expose my legs, since they’re in hibernation all winter. I focus on getting them tanned (Jergen’s Natural Glow is a must) and double up on my fitness classes to ensure that I stay as toned as possible. I will definitely be renting the Alaia Lace Up sandals for an extra leg elongation!

Azzedine Alaia – $85/week


Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Practicing hot yoga all winter long has my arms and shoulders summer ready (talk about planks and chaturangas). I’m thrilled about the off the shoulder trend this season because I’m ready to show off my toned shoulders and back. I’ve had my eye on the Self Portrait off the shoulder Georgette dress and Serena off the shoulder dress for a while now!

Self Portrait – Georgette Dress $75/week


Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Summer is my favorite season of the year, not only due to the warm and beautiful weather, but also getting to show off all the hard work I put into my body all year.  I love to do pilates, barre, yoga and meditate as often as I can.  I’m looking forward to wearing all the white and striped dresses we have on style lend as they especially feature cut outs in all the right places.

Lover + Friends Ocean Wave – $20/week



Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Knowing what your best assets are is key! I work hard on ensuring my waist line and abs are always on point. Sit-ups are my obsession, I think its also because its the one area I can see results right away. I can’t wait to wear all the amazing crop top’s we have, especially the A.L.C Bronze Metallic one, it will look good with my tan 🙂

A.L.C Crop Top- $25/week

We can’t wait to rock all the great summer items from Style Lend all season long! What are you planning on wearing on this summer?

Some little layouts for you!

I don’t know about you, but when I see a trend I love, I ALWAYS get stuck on how to incorporate it into my wardrobe. That’s what’s so great about renting: you no longer have to invest in those trendy pieces you just want to try out, as it abolishes the fear of PPW (Price Per Wear). I mean, how many times do we purchase a trend, wear it once and then regret spending all that money on it in the first place? Or how about that guilty feeling that leads us into outliving the trend in order to make our investment worth it?

We’ve put together some trendy looks for you to try out this summer:

Laid Back Stripes

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

All About That Slip

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Off The Shoulder

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Formal Stripes

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

Inspired? Well head over to Stylelend.com and start planning what trends you will try this summer!

Mara Hoffman

It’s the end of May, and there’s no better way to end our brand appreciation month than by featuring Mara Hoffman.  As we get ready for June, there’s no other brand we’d rather be wearing.

These fun and colorful pieces are absolutely perfect for warm weather and will definitely put you in the mood to play with prints this summer.

These are all the pieces we’ll be wearing in June (and the rest summer).  Check them out and be sure to visit our website to see all of our Mara Hoffman items available for rent!

mara 1

Rainbow Bird Dress, $30/week

mara 2

Ananda Cut Out Maxi Dress, $31/week

mara 6

Model Fitted Midi Dress, $33/week

mara 8

Leaf Linen Crossover Dress, $34/week

mara 9

Cutout Midi Dress, $33/week

mara 10

Multicolor Printed Open Back Mini Dress, $35/week

mara 11

Tribal Print Mini, $30/week

mara 12

Dashiki Beaded Georgette Dress, $45/week

mara 13

Mini Dress, $35/week

mara 14

Wrap Top Dress, $28/week

All of these dresses are so versatile and absolutely perfect for any summer occasion, whether you’re heading to the park, a picnic, or the beach.  Head on over to our website to rent them all!

Festival Fashion Trends

It’s festival season and you have no idea what to wear.  Of course, you could always go for the cut off denim shorts, a printed T-shirt and a fedora (always classic), but there’s so many more options than that!

This year there are three major trends for you to try: Western inspired, bohemian chic, and rock n’ roll chick.


Don’t be scared!  We don’t mean cowboys on the ranch here, but a NEW kind of Western.  Think of a fashion-forward Daisy Dukes:  Cowboy boots, denim shorts, and lots of suede (we’re obsessing over this jacket).

Rent the Trend



Of course when we think of Coachella and music festivals, we think of kimonos and flower headbands.  Those will always be in style and a safe fashion choice.  But try mixing it up with a statement piece of jewelry or an eye-catching dress.

Rent the Trend


Rock N’ Roll

rocker 2

This is probably the most tricky of the three (wearing all black in the hot sun can be not so fun), but you won’t regret incorporating it into your festival style.  A leather fringe skirt or jacket adds the perfect amount of edge to any outfit, and a large studded tote adds both style and functionality– you’re definitely going to need some type of bag or backpack to carry everything you need for the day.

Rent the Trend

Be sure to check out all of these items on our website and app!  Be trendy and have fun at whatever festival you’re attending this season 🙂


Meet Our Lender, Amy Chan!

Hey Style Lend girls, allow us to introduce you to Amy, our featured lender of the month! Amy is a super stylish marketing officer by day and a Carrie Bradshaw-esque relationship columnist by night (check out her website here).  Be sure to check out all of Amy’s fabulous items for rent on Style Lend


When did you start renting/lending from Style Lend and why?

I started renting and lending on Style Lend because it’s the perfect solution for the woman who’s always out and about at events and functions. I can feel fabulous in a new dress for each event without breaking the bank and harming the environment. I can access brands that would normally cost too much to own. And with lending my items, instead of having my accessories collect dust, I can earn money without any hassle.


Shopping habits (do you shop online, flash sales, in person, etc.)

I enjoy both shopping online and in person. I love shopping for other people.


Favorite brands/designers and why?

I adore Club Monaco because the stores are so pretty and I feel happy every time I walk in. I splurge on accessories and shop at stores like Aritzia, Rag and Bone and Zara for clothes. You can usually find me in my Nike Sky High Dunks in the day, and then a pair of heels at night. I’m known to mix my sneakers with dresses.


What are your favorite things to do in NY?

Having a coffee with great company or reading/writing in a cafe is my favorite thing to do. I love to bike around the city, host dinner parties, play ping pong and hang out at SPiN, dance and I’m also obsessed with book stores and psychics.


Can you tell us a little blurb about your background, job, and how long you’ve lived here?

By day, I’m the Chief Marketing Officer of SPiN, a ping pong social club that was co-founded by Susan Sarandon seven years ago. By night, I am a relationship columnist.  I have an online magazine http://www.JustMyType.ca where I study the psychology behind lust, love and desire. My work has been referred to as “a scientific approach to that of Carrie Bradshaw”. I’ll take it. =)

I’m from Vancouver, Canada originally and I’ve been in NYC for two years. In my former life, I was a luxury hotel reviewer and was immersed in the luxury hospitality industry in both marketing and PR.


What is your fav styling undertaking? Maybe burning man?

Burning Man! I love how creative you can get with the outfits. Last year was my first year and my home became a costume factory! I had different looks for day and night, whatever my mood matched, I had a cool outfit to go with it.

(For anyone who doesn’t know, Burning Man is an annual gathering that takes place at Black Rock City, Nevada.)

FullSizeRender 4

What do you love most about being a relationship coach?

I feel that by understanding more about the psychology and science behind why we behave and feel the way when it comes to love, we can have healthier relationships with ourselves and consequently, with other people. A broken heart is like a weapon – if you leave it wounded, you only continue to hurt others and inflict pain. Hurt people hurt people. If I can help even one person, feel a little less alone, a little more understood in the matters of the heart, to me, that is success. I’ve had mothers email me to thank me for helping their daughter’s self-esteem, I’ve had countless people reach out to tell me how my words made them feel less shame and less alone. That is such a gratifying feeling.

How would you describe your style?

My style can be best described as feminine, sophisticated with a touch of edginess. I’ll take any chance to wear a dress because that’s when I feel the most beautiful. My style doesn’t take a lot of effort, I throw on whatever fits my mood. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or what label you’re sporting, style comes down to how you carry yourself.


One thing that would be your “dream item” to rent on Style Lend?

My dream item to rent would be a dress from Valentino or Jason Wu.

Why do you like the concept of renting vs. buying?

I like the concept of renting because you can save money, you save the environment, you always feel like you’re getting something new and you don’t have to feel the guilt about wasting so much money on clothes you’d only wear a handful of times.


Thank you Amy for taking the time to chat with us and letting us into your closet!  Check out and rent all of Amy’s items on our website and app, and don’t forget to enter our AMAZING giveaway!

Spring into Fashion

Spring has finally arrived (at least for the moment), and it is BEAUTIFUL. Women are leaving their jackets at home and pulling out their dresses and skirts.

Spring Fashion Week came during one of the coldest weeks in February, when warm weather seemed like a lifetime away. But now that it’s finally here, we figured you could use a refresher course on some of the biggest trends for spring, and some ideas on how to make them wearable.



Romantic floral designs are always a staple when it comes to spring style.  Keep your style feminine by pairing it with soft hues, or add an instant edge with a leather jacket.

Rent the trend:

70’s Inspired Garments


This means a lot of suede, and a lot of fringe.  This can be a tough look to pull off, but we recommend sticking to neutrals, a la the fashion goddess Olivia Palermo.

fringe outfit

Rent the trend:



This ultra-feminine style was all over the runways, and we’re sure it’s going to be everywhere this spring too.  We recommend wearing yours with a romantic, high-neck top!


Rent the trend:



This looks intimidating, but think of it as mesh taken to the next level.  Perfect for your next night out! (But if this look just isn’t for you, don’t worry, mesh is still totally in!)

Rent the trend:



Denim is back in a big way.  If you’re bold enough, try mixing two denim pieces together for a cool and relaxed vibe.


Rent the trend:

Spring into fashion, and rent all of these trends on our website and app!

Meet Our Lender: Emily Men

Let us introduce you to our featured lender of the month: Emily Men.  Emily is a freelance fashion stylist and blogger.  TheWardrobes is a lifestyle blog that Emily runs with her brother Jeffrey.  It has posts about life, beauty tips, and fashion inspiration for both men and women!

emily 8


I started lending to StyleLend in October or November.  I’m not exactly sure! Sorry.  But I love the idea of being able to rent/lend someone something to wear because you are able to make use of clothes that you otherwise wear once, and then they just sit there!

emily 14


I absolutely love the Alice + Olivia sequin dress.  It’s the perfect party dress!  So chic and easy!  The color is so beautiful too.

emily 10


I love wearing new outfits!  It’s always exciting because you have something new to show everyone about your personal style.

emily 1


I always shop in person and online.  I think online is great when you know the brand and how it fits, but I always like to see and touch the items in person.

emily 5


I am absolutely obsessed with Giambattista Valli, Delpozo, Rosie Assoulin, Rodarte, Chloe, and honestly the list goes on!  All of these brands embody everything that I love about fashion and just make the most beautiful clothes.

emily 17


I love walking around and exploring because you always find hidden gems!  It’s never-ending!

emily 19


I studied at FIDM in LA and found myself working in celebrity and fashion styling.  After a couple of years, I decided to study fashion design in New York at Parsons!  Since then, I have been working on my blog with my brother and freelancing in styling and design.  I’ve been in New York for about 3 years now.  Time flies by so fast!

emily 2


Feminine, soft, whimsical, vintage, with a touch of edge.

emily 13


I would love to rent a Chanel or Giambattista Villa haute couture gown!

Thank you Emily for letting us into your closet!  Shop Emily’s items on our app.