Summer Wedding Style Tips!

We’re very excited to announce that it’s wedding week at Style Lend. While it might be true that it’s technically always wedding week here, we are taking all of the focus off the wedding party (sorry brides + maids) and putting it on the guests. We know how many questions you guys have and the range of dress codes there are, so we’re going to break it down for you.

What do I wear?

The most important factors to consider when deciding on your attire is: time of year, location and the dress code.

And guess what?

These are all things you can find on the invitation (or at least should be). The date and location is a given, and the dress code is generally listed somewhere on the bottom of the invite.  We are expecting that you know that white or ivory should be saved for the bride only! We also suggest not wearing the bridesmaid color either.

Here are the most possible dress codes and what they mean:

Black Tie

The most formal on this list, but a very popular option. Opt for a long gown (or a really chic cocktail dress). We suggest a dark color, such as black, navy, etc.


Formal or Black Tie Optional

This is a step down from black tie, so opt for cocktail dresses or long dresses.  We suggest if it’s a fall/winter wedding to wear dark colors, and lighter colors for a spring/summer wedding (although dark colors are still acceptable).

Ria CrissCross- $40/Week

Beach Formal

This is generally for destination weddings, think: formal sundress. We would opt for a flowy dress as it will most likely be hot, but still look formal (do not wear a beach coverup). Have fun with color and patterns! In terms of shoes: flats, sandals, and wedges are all acceptable.



If it’s a daytime wedding, you can dress more on the casual side (think dressy skirt and top) and if it’s a night time wedding, we would suggest a dress (although a really chic skirt/top that consists of darker hues will still do).



This generally means anything goes, but we would still recommend a cute sundress, skirts or fancier pants and to steer clear of denim or shorts (unless mentioned otherwise).



  • Don’t get too wasted! We know there are open bars, overflowing champagne and people toasting every minute they can, but you never want to be that person (you know, the one who forgot the night and spent the night hovering over the toilet).
  • DO party and dance. The bride and groom want you to have fun!
  • In terms of gifts, get something from the registry or write the couple a check (contingent on how much you believe is appropriate in terms of how much you can spend and how close you are with the couple)
  • Don’t wear white/ivory (as we mentioned previously), however you can have white in the dress, it just can’t be the main event.
  • Don’t assume you get a plus one unless it’s mentioned on the invitation. 

How to Rock Red on V-Day

Whether it’s for date night or just hanging with the girls, everyone wants to look good on Valentine’s Day.  Bright, sexy and daring, red is just the color to make you look and feel your best.

1. Makeup

One classic way to rock the color red is, of course, on your lips!  Red lipstick is sexy and demands attention.

You could keep it simple by pairing the look with minimal makeup.

vday makeup

Or let out your inner vixen and rock your red lips with smoldering eyeliner (a la Adrianna Lima).

vday makeup

2. Dress

If you really want to stand out, try slipping on a bold red dress.  Just be ready to have all eyes on you!

vday red 7

Parker Flavor of the Month Dress, Rent for $25

vday red 6

Halston Heritage Embellished One-Shoulder Gown, Rent for $60

vday red 5

Carmella Michelli Dress, Rent for $50

vday red 4

Zimmerman Sueded Bralette Dress, Rent for $48

3. Accessories

If wearing such a bright color is intimidating, then add just a pop of red with your accessories!  It’s a great way to add fun to your neutral outfit and still be festive.

vday 11

Emily Cho Medium Lady Triangule Tote, Rent for $60

And if red just isn’t your thing, you could always rock it in a more subtle way…like on the bottom of your Louboutins! 😉

Christian Louboutins, Delico “100” D’Orsay Pumps, Rent for $40

Being festive is fun! However you decide to wear it, rock red this V-Day, and check out all of our red pieces on our app!


Sequins, Sequins, Sequins!!

Finally, our adult twenty-something year old dreams have been answered! Sequins are not just for five year olds! Make the trend yours by pairing it with your favorite everyday basics to downplay the flash and rev up the edge. Here’s some of our favorite pairings.


1. Sequin Pants

We love how this beauty styled her favorite pairs of sequin pants.

• Loose Fitted Blazer

• Cozy tee

• Open Shoes



2. Sequin Crop Tops

All sparkles on top! We love how they took something so flashy and toned it down with comfy basics. The ripped jeans take us back in time to where we would wear them to rags, despite our parents horror.

• Ripped Jeans

• Black Pleated Skirt

• Attitude!


3. Sequin Pencil Skirt

We love how our C.O.O Lona paired this adorable skirt with a cheeky tank shirt. T-shirts don’t have to be match match. Add a contrast color for some extra fun!!

• Contrasting T-shirt

• Baggy fit

• Fun accessories

Download Style Lend and check out all our sequined items and get them delivered to your door!

Decades of Style

This week, we’re celebrating fashion throughout the decades! Every year comes with new fashion trends. However, every decade has something new to bring to the spotlight that is so memorable, we will never forget it. We love that fashion is always repeating itself. Every season, fashion designers bring something old back onto the runways, however we love adding our own modern twist each year! Each team member picked their favorite fashion period and explained why they love it!

Flirty 50’s 


“The 1950’s are my favorite, everything was soft & feminine”- Tania

She is loving everything high waisted & this vintage skirt + Parker crop top represent what she loves about the era.

Rent the entire look for only $15 from the Style Lend app!

Retro 60’s: 


“1960’s offered women the opportunity to express themselves with bright colors. It was also the beginning of bold eye makeup” – Matylda 

From the original high boots “go go” to eyeliner to turtle necks – this look is perfect for those cold San Francisco summer nights.

Iconic 70’s:


“I’m a bit of a free-spirit and have always had hippie style. I’m obsessed with fun and colorful prints, flowy pieces, and any kind of head piece or hat.” – Brittany 

We love this colorful printed jumpsuit! Rent her bohemian look for $15 by downloading our iOS app!

Bold 80’s:


“I love this era because of the bold colors, aka NEON & the fact that women really committed to their style and looks”- Lona

It’s safe to say that everyone has a love/hate relationship with the style from the 80’s. But we LOVE this neon leopard sweatshirt. You can rent this sweater and pair it with CURRENT/ELLIOT acid wash jeans for only $15!

Grunge 90’s:


“I love the grunge, hard edged cuts, straight lines & intense colors. The fact that 90’s changed how we perceived being feminine, is great! If girls felt like wearing their bf’s jeans, they just did it.” – Kristina 

The 90’s was all about pushing the limits of what society considered feminine. This was definitely the era that encouraged everyone to dress outside of social norms and wear whatever they want!

We hope this inspires YOU to try the trendiest looks from these decades and incorporate them into your closet too! You can shop for all of these looks by downloading our iOS app here.