Women’s March

We had the honor of attending the Women’s March in Washington D.C. Its hard to explain the powerful feeling of being surrounded by amazing women, so we thought we would share some of our favorite pictures:


Don’t Be Clueless, this isn’t 1995

2016 kicked our butts, which makes 2017 the year to stand up for something & make a difference. Here at StyleLend we are ready to save the world through renting!


Allure, Elle, Vogue give you the next top trends for the year. Yet most of those looks are way too expensive for the average women. Instead of running to Zara, H&M or Forever21 think RENT. You can get those actual designer items in a sustainable way without the clutter of having to keep those fast fashion trends that go out of style in weeks.

Here are some of our favorite trends:

Yellow is the New Black

Collette Midi Dress
Tulle & Macrame Dress


Stripes Stripes Stripes

Noemi Dress
Multi-colored Striped Maxi

Give them the Cold Shoulder

Fausto Puglisi


Robes for Everyday

Pantera Dress
Midi Dress

Now every women can get the trends no matter how fast they switch! Haven’t tried us? Start here!


A Sustainable NYE Look

The holidays are all about over-indulging in everything – including shopping for new clothes! And with social media taking over our lives, I can see the need for shopping and adding to your closet for multiple looks that are always on trend. However, it’s doing more harm than good!


In the United States, the National Retail Federation forecasts that we will spend up to $655 billion total this holiday season. Shoes and clothing account for 41.5% of that spend. Additionally, the average American throws away 65 pounds of textile waste per year, so between new clothes being bought and the amount of clothes we end up tossing, can you imagine how terrible that can be for our landfills?


I understand that consumers want new and different outfits and to stay on trend, but we must also be conscience of how bad this can be for the environment. There are companies out there that help eliminate waste and encourage renting or trading instead of buying and tossing – especially if you are only going to wear the item once. Companies like Tradesy, Armarium and Le Tote are all great examples. They give you the option of new looks but try their best not to add ANY textile waste to our landfills.

StyleLend, is the ultimate win-win service for the stylish, the sustainable & the bargainer. Not to mention for the month of December we will be donating 50% of their rentals to Fashion Revolution! Here is why you will love it:

  1. You get to wear designer clothes and new brands at a fraction of the retail cost, like a velvet dress for only $60
  2. It’s peer-to-peer, so you are extending the life of a garment.
  3. By renting you aren’t clogging your closet with items you might only wear once or twice
  4. You wear it and return it, they take care of the dry-cleaning
  5. Nationwide shipping, get it in two days or same day delivery in NYC

This year alone Style Lend has helped save 5,000 pounds of waste – all because people, like you and I, rented dresses like this Lace Mini dress by Self-Portrait or this Silk Curve dress by Zimmermann instead of buying them.


Now start renting your NYE looks!


Join us for #GivingTuesday

With over 13 million tons of textile waste in our landfills we were excited to boycott Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Instead we wanted to encourage our community to join us for Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a global day for everyone to give! Check out their list of organizations you can donate, here. At StyleLend we are taking it one step further and extending it to all of December!

We created Style Lend to help customers make a positive impact on the environment – encouraging renting instead of buying and lending instead of tossing.

So, we wanted to offer our customers another opportunity to do good, so we will be donating 50% of the revenue from ALL rentals this month to Fashion Revolution US – an organization dedicated to ensuring that fashion stays accountable for their damage.

Rent from Style Lend and help us transform the fashion industry into a force for good!



Letter from our CEO

Dear Style Lenders,

First, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you that have believed and supported us from the start and continue to do so every day. Through your comments on social media, likes, introductions, rentals, and shares with friends, you have all made a contribution to help grow Style Lend into what it is today. I also want to thank our lenders, who have shared their amazing items with our community of renters, who love to experience wearing unique, classic, trendy, and coveted pieces from your closets. Style Lend would truly not exist without you.

Our amazing community allows Style Lend to not just be another e-commerce site that consists of only transactions. Style Lend is meant to feel like your ‘best friend’s closet,’ by allowing renters to obtain new outfits from within their community, as well as receive personal styling advice that they would from a friend. We have stylists on hand to give you advice on how to style items, recommend what is appropriate for specific events, and sometimes even answer personal questions you may have (we’ve heard it all). So definitely take advantage of Dale, our ‘Style Psychologist’ who can help you make the most out of your rental so you can create amazing memories with it.

The Style Lend experience, not only allows renters to obtain items that they may otherwise not have access to (or wanted to spend the money on), but contributes and promotes an overall sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is something we are proud to be a part of and encourage at Style Lend. It’s the future of fashion (does our planet even have a choice?). Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anne Hathaway are all advocates for. Check out the article Anne Hathaway shared to promote sustainability HERE.

So what’s to come next for Style Lend? We’re going to reflect our lifestyle and what we truly believe in, in everything we do. You will hear from the Style Lend team and other Style Lenders on how they live the Style Lend life, from fashion to travel to events.  We will share all of it through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter (stay tuned).

The foundation of the brand, which we are continuing to build upon and express, will also be reflected in our updated look and feel of our website/mobile experience, all of which is a result of your feedback over the last six months.  

Can’t wait to share that with you in July.

As always please email, call, message me with any feedback, questions, concerns.

Stylishly Yours,
Lona & the team.

Fashion & Sustainability

“It is our goal to raise awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time offer sustainable solutions and choices. It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.”– Reformation


It’s Earth Day this friday!  You know that we here at Style Lend love the earth, and are extremely passionate about responsible and sustainable fashion (check out why our CEO, Lona, decided to start a business for renting clothes here).

Reformation incorporates fashionable clothing with sustainability, and that’s why it’s one of our favorite brands.  Next to renting, it’s probably one of the most responsible fashion choices you could make.  We’ll let them explain:

“We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, and incorporate sustainable practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most fashion brands. From our heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level.”

So in honor of our Earth day appreciation, we dedicate this blog post to you, Reformation! Here are some of our favorite pieces we have available to rent on Style Lend.


We adore this Reformation Lucielle dress. It is a long chiffon wrap gown with lunging neckline and a tie waist so they can fit just right, plus it is sourced via sustainable fabric and vintage garments. (And you can rent it for only $40!)


We love that this halter dress can easily be taken from day time casual to night time glam!  Rent it for $28/week.


This grey ombre dress ($30/week) is absolutely perfect for a day in the park, or a backyard picnic.


The Henry dress has a boho-chic and playful vibe that make it perfect for any music festival, just throw on a flower crown and you’re good to go!  Rent it for only $40/week.


Who says sustainabililty can’t be edgy? The Zinc Skirt is an A-line leather mini skirt with a high fitted waist and hidden zip closure in the back, and is available to rent for only $27/week.


The Ventura Skirt is a medium weight textured woven, midi A-line skirt with a high waist, side pockets and a button-down front with a slit.  At only $20/week it’s perfect for every occasion!

We love this brand and we know you will too!  Check out all of our Reformation items we have on both our website and app!


The Green Fashionista

Earth Day– The birthday of the environmental movement that started back in the 1970’s. It’s a day where we reflect mindfully on our consumption, seek more environmentally friendly practices, and realize the value and importance of caring for our environment. After all, we have to live in it.

What does fashion and Earth Day have in common?

First, let’s start with this. How many items in your wardrobe collection have sat unused over the past year? Approximately 30% of the average American’s closet has not been worn in the past year.

You don’t have to convert to the lifestyle of a hippie to be more green. There’s small changes that you and I could easily make to our everyday lives to help mother nature out. That means less fast fashion, and smarter fashion purchases.

One of the easiest ways to be more green is to limit the amount of clothing we buy. Say what?!? According to the National Resources Defense Council, “textile-making is one of the most polluting industries in the world.” China seems to be the biggest culprit, accounting for over half of all the clothing that Americans buy, which the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates to be at $1700 per household annually.

Here are some stats:
• China disposes of nearly 3 billion tons of soot each year related to textile making
• Water discharge from textile mills is over 2.5 billion tons per year.
• Millions of tons of unused fabric at Chinese mills go to waste each year when dyed the wrong color according to the National Resources Defense Council

At Style Lend we think this should change! By no means are we suggesting to give up shopping, after all, it’s what we do best. Style is indicative of how we feel and how we want others to perceive us, the annihilation of shopping makes self-expression in the way we dress obsolete. There’s a more green way to shop, and it’s 100% eco friendly, it comes in the form of lending and renting.

Some smarter shopping stats:
• Renting allows you, the consumer to drastically reduce the amount of waste that these textile mills create on an annual basis.
• Renting allows you to change your style as often as you want.
• Renting allows you to the freedom to “shop” as much as you want.
• Lending allows you to put that 30% of your closet back to use.
• Lending allows you to be more green not just in the environmental way but in cash form as well.


Renting & Lending is something that we could all easily do and it has the power to drastically reduce the waste and pollution that comes along with clothing production. You don’t have to make big lifestyle changes to impact the environment, sometimes small steps can go long ways.

Interested in more ideas of small changes?

Check out the Carbon Footprint Calculator to learn about your specific impact on the environment and what you can do to change.