Mara Hoffman

It’s the end of May, and there’s no better way to end our brand appreciation month than by featuring Mara Hoffman.  As we get ready for June, there’s no other brand we’d rather be wearing.

These fun and colorful pieces are absolutely perfect for warm weather and will definitely put you in the mood to play with prints this summer.

These are all the pieces we’ll be wearing in June (and the rest summer).  Check them out and be sure to visit our website to see all of our Mara Hoffman items available for rent!

mara 1

Rainbow Bird Dress, $30/week

mara 2

Ananda Cut Out Maxi Dress, $31/week

mara 6

Model Fitted Midi Dress, $33/week

mara 8

Leaf Linen Crossover Dress, $34/week

mara 9

Cutout Midi Dress, $33/week

mara 10

Multicolor Printed Open Back Mini Dress, $35/week

mara 11

Tribal Print Mini, $30/week

mara 12

Dashiki Beaded Georgette Dress, $45/week

mara 13

Mini Dress, $35/week

mara 14

Wrap Top Dress, $28/week

All of these dresses are so versatile and absolutely perfect for any summer occasion, whether you’re heading to the park, a picnic, or the beach.  Head on over to our website to rent them all!


How to Wear: Crop Tops

Crop Top: Two words that make some girls cringe. The idea of baring it all, or you know…just your stomach, is somewhat of a frightening thought. Fear not though ladies, there are so many different ways to style this popular trend for so many different body types. Whether you are tall and lanky or petite and curvy, this is a trend that can, no, will work for you. First thing’s first, the crop top requires you to bare a lot of skin, so if that makes you feel uncomfortable make sure your bottom half is a little more conservative. Think midi skirts or longer.


If you are curvy a la Kim Kardashian make sure to wear a crop top that will hit you at the end of your rib cage or right at your waist! Pair with a body conscious pencil skirt and you will achieve that hourglass figure!


Petite ladies, the key to making this trend work for you are by pairing a boxier cut crop top with high-waist trousers. The boxier cut paired with trousers will elongate your body and give off a more structured look.

Long and slender

Long and lanky ladies, the trick to working this trend is making sure you pair a crop top that hits you right at the waist! Pair with a long and flowy skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans and you will be good to go! Showing the mid-section and end of your rib cage will elongate your body even more!


Busty ladies! It can be a bit terrifying barring it all with a crop top but luckily there is a lil’ thing called the bustier. These bustier versions of crop tops will hold it all in!